Odin's Balls

in #poem5 years ago


The snow has stopped
The roads like glass
I step carefully
So as not to fall
On my ass

Winter hit us hard
Each year it gets worse
This one or the next
Will see me
In a hearse

Perhaps it's my time
To visit Valhalla's halls
But if he takes
Me too early
I'll kick Odin's balls


LOL. That was funny and kind of unexpected. It made me laugh.

Thanks, that is what I was hoping for :-)

beautiful post

I'm in love with your poetic articulation. Kudos.

Odin the god of poems approves

No cowardice detected.

Odin bringing people to valhalla by letting them slip on ice must be a fucking joke up there in the golden halls.

10/10 Valhalla poem magazine

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