Contemporary EXODUS!

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“ But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.”
- Robert Frost

It's been too long...

...too long since I've set my hand to poetry!


Out Of Bondage... (Source)

~A Contemporary Exodus~

by Duncan Cary Palmer

Modern Egypt... everywhere!
No wilderness, no new frontier...
Where shall we go to breathe?

We haven't wealth
To flee to Mars.
Are seasteads our sole hope?

Nay, let us exit where we live.
Ignore the local gang.

Freedom is our native state.
Hand's off!
We claim our right.

We are the new assembly.
We are the local group.

You—gang of thugs
Whoe're you be;
Fed, state, or county,
We, the FREE,
Deny your jurisdiction.

Let us be!
Leave us alone!

You've no legit authority—
You simply choose to hurt us.

Damn your tyranny!
To hell with you, as
That's where you belong.

Jesus/God, The Just,
Will see to it.
Hear him, you must;
Who, in the heavens, laughs.

"Let my people go."

The ball is in your court;
Comply, or you'll fall short.
Submit! Your last resort...
Remember Pharaoh.


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Hey there! As I've been wandering around these past few weeks I've been look for old friends,ran into your comment on @dreemsteem's post, glad to see you're still here :)

Great poem! Sounds like we're of similar minds about what's going on in this nutty world. No jurisdiction over me :)

Greetings, my old friend @dreemit!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your encouraging comment. There's more poetry rattling my soul these days, and I hope to set aside more time to pour it out. I have updated the poetry shelf and some of it's daughters in my Library... :)

How are you doing? I need to wander more myself and refresh old connections, I have been far too inactive here for far too long, and I've dearly missed the community.

Thanks again for stopping in; great to hear from you!

Welcome back @creatr!

Thank you so much, my dear! :D

Submit! Your last resort...
Remember Pharaoh.

That’ll preach

Amen, Hallelujah! :D

I am not a religious person, @creatr, but I do believe in a higher power, and it is not human. However, there are many humans wanting to play God and they make laws that empower them. I don't respect any of them, but I still move carefully and wander as I please within my ideas, where freedom lives. I loved your poem. Greetings :)