I Thank You

in #poetry5 years ago (edited)


Before you came, I was an empty hallway
Echoing sound of pain everywhere
But then you have come my way
You filled a place that no one is wandered

After you came, I became a tower
Echoing sound of laughter everywhere
Feeling so high up in the sky,
The feeling I get when I see your smile
When you loved me, I became a paradise
In my stomach are tingling little butterflies
So joyful, so full of life
Unknowingly, you've set everything right.

The twinkle in your eyes have become my light
The love you give has been my strength in every fight
So I thank you for coming into my life
Because you've given me direction to every path

Thank you for bringing out the version of me that I never knew existed
Your love is keeping me motivated
Your love made me love myself too...
And for that, I thank you. :)

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