Oh my beautiful Venezuela // Own song

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This humble server greets you and likewise thanks you for your welcome in my presentation.
In this opportunity I leave written form what will be my next video, so they have time to study it and so I can hum it and can virtually accompany me, then the letter:

Oh my beautiful Venezuela that I was born from your insides, they threw you into the abyss because of the piranhas,
I start to drink cane, to refresh my mind, my country is lost, look for someone to guide us,
Listen, Mr. President, I ask you, please, to shine for the road where we have value.
Bolívar that if I fight to give us freedom, of the glory we will see everything as it was filmed,
the currency that was worth where there is so much wealth, they took it by surprise that everything collapsed,
when the bank between me, to withdraw a little bit, all hit the scream when the dollar went up,
that was cornered, I read in the panorama and I plan to go to Guiana to see what color it took,
the mine collapsed and was melting, they were burning ten men that she grabbed,
then the murderers, they went deep, we will say that in this world the good is over,
In Caracas I already charge a gringo without compassion, to an old woman who was living in an alley,
if the opposition continues we will go to another side and if they bring us tied they will throw us in a cardón ......

There are lives that are quiet, greetings to all the staff

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