Win A Free Custom Poem (written by me) For National Poetry Month!

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April is National Poetry Month!

Poetry is an art but it's also a great way to distill feelings and ideas into a very concentrated and potent form. Poetry brings me joy, it inspires me, it makes my brain buzz, and it has enhanced my life in immeasurable ways.

Since poetry has been so important to me throughout my nearly thirty year writing career I'm going to gift one person who comments on this post a complimentary bespoke poem ($150 value).

This collaborative process is so much fun to me and I’ve made some great memories working with clients from all walks of life through the past few decades.

Entering the contest is easy, all you have to do is comment on this original Hive post. You can also help spread the word and reblog this post on your timeline.

“Poetry is what in a poem makes you laugh, cry, prickle, be silent, makes your toe nails twinkle, makes you want to do this or that or nothing, makes you know that you are alone in the unknown world, that your bliss and suffering is forever shared and forever all your own." ~Dylan Thomas.”

One winner will be chosen at random in early May and I'll announce the winner in a new post and also in the comments of this post. From my website:

A gift that will be remembered always. Eric will collaborate with you, one-on-one, to craft an original, custom poem. Ideal for weddings, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, or any special occasion. The final poem is printed on parchment and/or delivered via email. The price for this bespoke poetry service is $150.00 and typically takes two-to-three weeks. The poem can also be matted and framed (for an additional fee).

The bespoke poetry process is explained further HERE and on the POETRY PAGE OF MY WEBSITE. Best of luck everyone and I can't wait to work with one of you!

Enjoy your weekend everyone.



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Poetry should move us, it should change us, it should glitch our brains, shift our moods to another frequency. Poetry should evoke feelings of melancholy, whimsy, it should remind us what it feels like to be in love, or cause us to think about something in a completely different way. I view poetry, and all art really, as a temporary and fragile bridge between our world and a more pure and refined one. This is a world we could bring into creation if enough of us believed in it. This book is ephemera, destined to end up forgotten, lingering on some dusty shelf or tucked away in a dark attic. Yet the words, they will live on in memory. I hope these words become a part of you, bubble up into your memory when you least expect them to and make you feel a little more alive.

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Most of us have experienced a moment of perfect peace at least once in our lives. In these moments we lose ourselves and feel connected to everything. I call these mindful moments. Words can’t describe how complete they make us feel.

These moments are usually fragile, evaporating in seconds. What if there was a way to train your mind to experience more of them? It’s deceptively easy and requires nothing more than a subtle shift in mindset. My new book, Mindful Moments, will teach you to be much more content despite the chaos and imperfect circumstances continuing to unfold around you. Upgrade your life experience today for only $15.99 on

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I was a little late seeing this, but since it's not yet May I figured I'd still rehive it :) Whoever gets to work with you is a lucky soul!

You're very kind @dreemit. Thank you!

I've always liked this poem, how are you, Mr. @ericvancewalton, when is there a new post, sir? I really miss waiting for the latest post. Thanks very much

Thanks. All is well here. I'm on vacation for another few days but the posts will resume soon. I hope you're well!

well I will wait for your latest post. I'm happy to be good friends with you, If you need help, can you tell me and if I can help I will definitely help you. for the future, hopefully I can see and enjoy your post again,

May I know that you are on vacation abroad or in your own area. Thank you

Hi Eric, Happy National Poetry Month to you. Unfortunately I'm not good at writing poetry so I can't participate. It turns out that writing poetry also requires talent from within a person. Not everyone is good at writing and you are a lucky person to have this talent. Have a nice day Eric.

Hi Eliana. Thank you and I hope you've enjoyed your weekend!

write with me a poem
of twinkling toenails and unknown worlds
a poem that makes me want to do just about anything
other than this nearly nothing
that consumes my every day

So that's one idea, a bit existential.

Here's another:

Did you hear? I got a puppy! Let's write a poem about puppies!


rejoice in the birth of the new world
a world without boy kings
or stolen fortunes
or puppies with lice

That's right. My puppy has lice!

I'm really liking that first stanza! Hope you're having a good Easter so far.

Puppies make every day good, even if they do have lice.

Same to you!

Happy national poetry month to you. Poets have a special type of brain and they think more deeply to write something really special.

poetry that has a beautiful rhythm. but I do not know the meaning, I learned to be able to interpret the meaning of the poem. have a nice day.

Pick me please!!!!

This is a really cool idea just went over to your website and the concept is cool.

But do you accept hive cos PayPal does not work in some African countries

Thank you! You're entered! This has been the part of my writing career that's brought me the most joy. I do accept Hive (explained here).

I used to write poems a lot, over the years I've come to take other interests. Wasn't aware April was poetry month. This is a great gesture, I've reblogged it for better visibility.

@tipu curate

I remember when you posted poetry. You wrote some great stuff! Thanks for reblogging!

I will definitely want to be part of this, it's really awesome.

Thanks for entering and reblogging!

I will definitely pass this along. Great idea. Best of luck to the lucky winner. You are going to end up with something really special.

Much appreciated @bozz! I hope you and the Mrs. have a fabulous weekend.

Thanks, you too!

Happy poetry month dear friend @ericvancewalton
You know that I am from the old school, in my adolescence we wrote poetry to make young girls fall in love, I could never write a poetry, it was my older sister who wrote for me, luckily I had her, or I would never have had a girlfriend.
What a beautiful gesture; Congratulations
Have a beautiful weekend

Oh man, you were lucky to have an older sister to help you! I didn’t find that I could write poetry until I was around nineteen years old so when I was younger I didn’t have much to offer the ladies in that regard. I had to resort to buying flowers or candy. Enjoy your weekend my friend!

Poetry's one type of writing I've always wanted to experiment with more, yet whenever I sit down to write, end up going the old fiction route, instead. What a wonderful initiative, Eric. I think whoever wins this will be very lucky, indeed. :)

I think the two genres use different parts of your brain. It’s tough to switch from one to the other, I’m more partial to poetry but just slightly more. Writing fiction is fun for me but poetry comes more easily. Thank you my friend!

$150 is my monthly salary. I'm afraid I won't be able to handle this amount, given the price increase every day and the presence of two minor children :) But if I had a different financial situation, I would really like to win. I like the way you write and it would be a great honor for me.

No worries! I’m giving it away for free to the winner as part of the contest.

Super fantastic poem dear sir