Fly Away, My Child

in #poetry4 months ago


they filled the skies
with strange geometrical formations
that my human mind could not grasp
fly away my child
I said in a soft voice to my youthful self
stuck in an infinite loop of day to day
week to week month to month routine


they filled the skies
with strange abstract forms
that reminded me of meanings I could not fathom
flying away from my current situation
situated in a never-ending series of unfolding events
that just goes beyond my grasp


fly away my child
I tell my youthful self
as I see the world burn
the commodification of everything
how cheap life has become
the most precious yet
yet we are stuck in the loop
that does not end
and I tell my youthful self
fly away my child
because this is not what it is all about


Postscriptum, or Is This Life?

With so much political instability in our so-called globalised world, it is easy to question the worth of it all. We have erased so many differences and culturally significant things to sell the same product to everyone across the world that even the slightest protest feels like a losing battle. Thinking about all of the stress we put ourselves through for nothing in the end, it is again easy to question the worth of it all. But this is not something to be worried or negative about as it is in fact liberating. It releases so many things from being locked up behind the shadow of worry. I always think about the quote attributed to Jim Carrey (if he really said it is up for debate, but the sentiment of the quote is still worth mentioning):

When you truly don't care what anyone thinks of you, you've reached a dangerous level of freedom.

And this is why it is so liberating to relinquish the stress that holds us back when we realise the world can change overnight.

In any case, I hope that you liked the poem and the photographs of these beautiful birds flying away.

Stay well, and happy reading.

All of the writings are my own unless stated otherwise. The poetry is also my own creation. The photographs are my own, taken with my Nikon D300.


"Thinking about all of the stress we put ourselves through for nothing in the end, it is again easy to question the worth of it all."

With the world literally burning right in front of our eyes, falling victim to the debilitating nature of anxiety will have them throwing dirt on your face way ahead of schedule.

Almost everything that goes on in the big picture of humanity is out of control and to think that I can make a difference in the big picture is a fairy tale.

Fly away may seem selfish to others, but doing so releases the mind and allows one to enjoy the real pleasures of life, good health, and family. When either of these two things is turned upside down I get stressed out, but until then at least I'm not already at my breaking point and I'm better prepared to handle the cards that I have been dealt.

They make pills for stress, and any other condition you may have, with most of them being caused by anxiety. The one medication they have yet to come up with is a pill that makes mankind realize that they are only around for a short time and we had better get on with living not dying!

So true. I agree with everything you say.

Life is so short yet we spend countless hours slaving away just to pay for things we should have gotten in the first place. Why work your whole life to pay for things that will keep you safe only to spend 5 or so years in good health not working? We end up being living zombies only until we retire.

Health and healthy relationships, the most import of it all. And you are right. If those two things are missing we end up with nothing really.

Anxiety is surely the most dangerous of it all. Why worry? Is a phrase I constantly tell myself. If we can change things then we can, if we cannot then we cannot; why worry then? I have forgotten who said it but I think it was a recent Buddhist monk. I am not sure.

But another important quote of sorts comes from Seneca the Roman philosopher. He said our lives are long enough we just end up spending way too much time on inconsequential things, wasting our time and lives.

Life is not about existing it's about loving life. Going with the flow and heading downstream is a safe way to go through life. Paddling upstream against the currents and making your own path is so much more rewarding.

I am so sorry for only replying now. What a week (or month actually).

I have been paddling upstream the last couple of years, been trying to finish my PhD in a field where I am paddling (or struggling) upstream!

So true! I also have a quote, similar to your first sentence, life is there to be lived. And that starts by loving life, and every moment. It is so much more rewarding to go up stream and appreciate every single moment.

No apology is necessary! Many times I'm as busy as a beaver and don't get around to replying until a few days later.

Getting your PhD is no small task and requires more work than I was willing to do when I was still working. I got my Masters in education and after that, I was FINISHED with schooling. Good luck with this huge undertaking, stay the course!

Thank you so much! I told myself a masters degree was as far as I would go, but then the desire to finish what I started kicked in. PhD was the obvious next step. But now I am so far and deep into the academy, and doing philosophy, that it seems like I need to end up in this space. Will see how it pans out. Thanks again!