Moving On and Beyond

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all life breathes
until it does not
the flower hangs limp
after the hot day's sun
shrivelled wrinkled beyond
the world of breath
a march to death
moving on


a celebration
of death
the first signs of new life
in the old and decay
a brief moment of hope
in the last breath
leaving body
because on the other side
a new flower will bloom
after the old has moved on


she dances no more
as life ceases to breathe
new life into her
she dances no more
as the seeds have already
dispersed into the ether


but still
she tries to wear the outfit
remnants of the past
a last lifeline
thrown to her
but time does not wait
for the good-hearted


shrivelled weathered
papery thin lines
between life and death
moving on and beyond
she does not sing her song
as the sun sets
for a last time
we celebrate death
as the beginning
of something new


Postscriptum, or The Dancing Bella Donna Us No More

Last week or so, I shared a post in which the Belladonna amaryllis bloomed beautifully. This week, almost all of the flowers have died and, as stated in the poem, moved on and beyond. For a moment, I felt pitty for the lost beauty. Such a short while that it blessed us, not it is gone and no one will see it again. Reminders are all we have left, photographs of an event. But I soon realised that this is just part of life, and we have cleansed ourselves of death so much that we always view it as something bad. Obviously, this is not pertaining to the death of a loved one or similar situations. I am specifically referring here to the death of for example a flower or a plant that will bloom again, where death is needed so life can carry on. Such an intricate balance.

In any case, I hope you enjoyed these photographs and the poems.

Keep well, and stay safe. Look down and appreciate the flower that blooms, that no one appreciates. Enjoy the small things in life.

All of the writings and poems are my own albeit inspired by the dead flowers. The photographs are also my own, taken with my Nikon D300.


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