My Bowl Remains Empty

in #poetry3 months ago


my bowl remains empty
as I fill it with memories
never satiated
as tomorrow lies pregnant with potential
my bowl remains empty
as I stand with my palms toward the sky
filling it with rain that wets my face
for the smell of petrichor
overwhelms me and leaves me drunk


I am drunk on life
with her hand still around my face
I am drunk on her love
as I try to think about the beauty of life
she remains a trace
leaving breadcrumbs for me to find
so that I may find my way
through life's many twists and turns
I remain drunk
with an empty bowl
held toward the sky
waiting for tomorrow's potential


my bowl remains empty
as I look at the sky
and see the sun setting
on yet another day
and I feel the love
drench me as I sip from the bowl
that is now filled
with her love


An empty bowl symbolises extreme potential. It can be filled with many things. It can hold water, it can hold food, it can be used to scoop things away, it can be used to cover something. It can even be used as a silly hat if you feel like it. But the fact remains, the bowl is a symbol of potential. Metaphorically speaking then, if your bowl remains empty, it also remains linked to unlimited potential, so to speak. It remains open to what the world throws at you. If your bowl is full and it rains and you are thirsty, you will not be able to drink from the heavens.

My bowl remains empty, as I stretch it to the heavens, waiting for it to be filled with whatever life throws at me. I fill it with the food that I cook and present to my love as a gift, I fill our glasses with wine, but after we have eaten, we wash our bowls and remain open to the potential of what tomorrow might bring.

My bowl also remains open as I allow different memories to speak to me, to be open means to allow different things to touch you, to speak to you. Remaining shut, your bowl is full, means shutting out different opportunities that might have yielded something beautiful, something new, something that might have become more.

My bowl remains open...

All of the writings are my own, albeit inspired by my open bowl. All of the photographs are also my own, taken with my Nikon D300.