New pages - (Continuation)

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New pages

2017 gave me 365 days
Lots of memories I cannot erase
It was both a fast yet slow pace
All I know is I must take next maze

I was always been in total grace
But my last year just do not want to be embraced
I have started and ended my 2016 right
Why does my 2017 start nowhere bright

I do not want to just have a straight face
I know I should do something to ace
I also do not mind being out of place
I just cannot live in the far outer space

Call me full of ego and crazy
Noise that I do not have to carry
As long as I do good
Never mind that you understood

Few catastrophic situation appear
Everything to me was then unclear
Dreams must be chased
Not a praise as base but a heart to finish the race

Slowly but surely in my own ways
2018 I promise that you will not be a waste
Through the peers that are all in cheer
I will take my leap and succeed in this sphere

2018, Philippines

Thank you for reading! ♥

Until next time!

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Wonderful. It is always necessary to look forward and be optimistic.
My upvote goes to you @feye

I upvoted to appreciate you work and now I'm commenting to encourage you. This is good poetry. New year resolution, aye... goodluck!

Thank you. Hope I have sent you good vibes and positivity too. :)

Lol... yes you have... thanks