Poetry: A Walk Inside

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A Walk Inside.jpg

Two lands between myself and I
A chasm thinly bridged
The way unfamiliar, footprints eroding
trips far between
Soul’s forgotten passage

One land cold days calculated
Precisely tied first into next
A chain controlled, locked
Into limits of the known
Mediated, moderated, meticulous glittering image
Ponderous churning, observing life
Hard critic judge and jury

The Far land, fire and ice
Furious longing, ecstasy coiled
Begging for release
A reservoir simmering
parchment paper thin, with a spark
Consuming flare rapture
Cyclone whirl
on canvas renewed
Joy’s bells peal
Loud long the call
The affair of the heart, a deep rhythm
Pounding cadence,
Sinking the drum dance of Creation

Unbidden feet move
And I
One whole I

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I enjoy and appreciate your poetic soul.



You are kind. I like your fieryand faith-filled spirit. 😬

Desire will do that - tear you in two - each person is two solitudes that rarely meet

Words you shared with me John not so long ago have continued to echo and I think it's because they resonate for me pretty strongly myself...for you see I too am largely "melancholy but hopeful." My hope extends that these two halves will meet someday... this side of heaven or the next. As one seeing through a glass for now darkly... I deeply look forward to fully knowing and being fully known someday. In the meantime I'll bump and bumble along and make good companions along the way :)

Peace John... thanks for sharing from your wisdom.