Childhood Memories (Original poem)

in #poetry5 years ago

I remember those times
When we're still young
We dreamed everything
In the air, we sing

We got sun kissed skin
After we played the slipper game
We memorized our theme song
What we're singing it along

You always go straight to our home
We played coins and jack stones
You're my greatest dream before
In my heart,you're my deepest core.

You were my prince
And I was your princess
I'm your Queen
And you're my King

We used to woke up 5:30 A.M.
To watch our favorite TV program
We're acting as Romeo and Juliet
We're both happy when we saw a flying jet

We often play the role-playing
We even did exchanging of rings
As if we're enemies when tag game is what we're playing
But so sweet as candy when we do the play-wedding

So many things that have been changed
But it's still you that no one can replace
How sweet to bring back the past
Childhood memories are still the best.


voted as much as possible, will read all tomorrow, have to end u my poems.