Remember (Original Poem)

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Hey can you still remember?
Those times that I still care.
Those moments I've always been there
Those secrets you've been shared.

Can you still remember?
Those shits we did together.
Those farts you spread in the air.
Those days you still consider me as your peer.

Please remember things that have been blown.
Those hours that I've been your chaperone.
Those places that we wandered.
Those stinky socks that I've smelled.

Can you recall the day I made mistake
Then I cried all day.
I said I'm very sorry
But you didn't take it.

We're there for you when no one does
Your memory hunt us
They came back for you
Then you dump us, as If we're your foe

I guess you can't remember it anymore.
But please try to remember.
This friendship of ours is too risky
But we were armored to face the reality.
One last question left here;
"Can you still remember?"

This poem by @gug711


This poem by @gug711

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poetry with strong character, I like it even to read over and over. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you <3

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