To you

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To you,
because you forgot

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I see you from the distance,
no being able to get close to you

And it kills me to feel the loneliness,
your loneliness.
It screams
I am able to hear clearly, like the big space between wasn’t even there.

It kills me, seeing you cry at night, because you feel empty
and lost.
Don’t you know that I am here?
For you?

And I want to let you know,
I want to remind you
because you have forgotten
all about me,
all about you.

But most important
you have forgotten all about

You were happy.
We were.

Where did all go wrong? And why did we just
let it happen
like it wasn’t important, like it didn’t

Why didn’t we stop it?
Why did we stop?
Does it matter now?
It does, but you matter

You have forgotten all about
the awakeness,
the rush of energy of every cell of your body
feeling totally alive,
being totally

And I want to shake you so bad, because it hurts seeing you
like this,

I want you to tear the universe apart with your desire to enjoy things, set the air on fire with your laugh and dance with the sun, moon and the stars on a tune that only you are able to hear,
just because.

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I see that
there’s not gratitude in your eyes,
only sorrow.

I want to hug you
until there is
in your

I don’t want but need you to feel alive again.
You need to feel alive

Fear seems to cover every inch of your skin,
and I can’t be any more
of it.

I want to scream
until it fades away from you,
comes back again.

I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.
I hate what it has turned you into.
I hate what you have become
because of Fear.

You should be climbing mountains, getting to the top and then going straight to a bigger one to climb into.
And you would get to the top of it too,
beause you can.

You always have.

But fear of falling,
of failing,
has buried your feet deep on the ground
And the worst part of it is that
you don’t want them out, you believe what Fear told you.

And I rather you believe me,
please believe me.
You can.

Climb mountains, fly in the sky, reach the stars, conquer your dreams.

You can.

You have arised
so no one can get close to you.
Walls so thick and tall, don’t want anybody to see
what is behind.

But I know.
I know the kindness.
I know the warm of your touch.
I know your humble disposition to help.
I know your need to be loved and treassured.
I know you,
the real you.

No wall of lies is big enoug to hide
the essence
of who you really are.

I’m gonna wreck down those fucking walls.
If you need to cover
then I’ll be there
wrapping my arms all around you.

I am all the shelter you will ever need.

You’ll be ok,
we will be.

I am able to see you,
gorgeous, ferocious, marvelous you.
I want the whole world to see too.
It is missing the beauty of you, such a waste
because you are amazing,
you are just what this world

But you know what
me the most?
The simple fact that you don’t even seem to know
who am I.

You don’t remember our memories,
our happiness,
the way life seemed just so bright and full when we were together,
worth living.

You have forgotten what we learned on those nights when the world was too
we were content just laying right beside each other.

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On those nights
we made peace with the past.
But now that i’m gone it has come back
with such force,
I don't want it to hurt you anymore.
I scream in agony everytime I see what it does,
the pain it causes.

Every time I remember all the things you forgot
I want us back,
how we used to be.
No pain,
no cold,
no loneliness.

We can discover this world again,
it has changed so much, it will be fun!
I am going to be right beside you,
holding your hand

to you 4.jpeg

letting you go.

There is nothing to be afraid of, because when we are
we truly

I am coming your way, it may takes time to get there
but let me
be close to

We can heal,
we can be ok

Please, remember me.

I am yours,
Self Love.

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I don't own those images, I found them a few years ago on a facebook page called '1889'.

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