Crypto Fish

in #poetry5 years ago


The water lapped invitingly
Burnished gold in the sun's dying rays

I settled down to wait for him
I came here often these days

It was the only time he would see me
My fish with the incredible eye

The eye that saw into the future
And told me which coins to buy

I never used to have money
I'd come here to dream and wish

Perhaps someone up there heard me
And sent the incredible Crypto Fish

He made me buy Verge then Ripple
I complained it was the coin of the banks

He glubbed with that wet scaled head of his
And told me I would do better just saying thanks

So I bought all the coins he advised me
I bought them up by the sack

And when they all pumped as he said they would
I realised this fish had a knack

But then he told me a duffer
A coin that just wouldn't fly

It was a sorry old end for Crypto Fish
Still, he made for a real tasty pie


Nice and humorous, a good combination.

I was feeling quite flippant that night. Thank you for reading.

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