Dedicated love // Poetry

in #poetry6 years ago


Nostalgia seizes my thoughts

fear shakes my soul

passion envelops my heart

the joy in my eyes is noticeable

your face in them is present

Oh love of my life I want to have you in my arms

and whisper in your ear very softly

how beautiful you are

I want to be the man who steals your heart

conquer your look and be the owner of your love

@willians is my name, do not forget, please

for you I live for you I breathe this immense passion

you know that I dedicate you these short lines for being my adoration

my princess I love you my love

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This poem is so touching, it flows beautifully and tender, I think it is a very unique and beautiful love poem and a great piece!

I had to mention you in the Hunt Curation - that is @poetsunited's project of finding great poets and poetry - you are certainly one of them!!

You are much welcome to our server - where we cooperate, help each other, enjoy the privileges of being in a team. We have subscriber packages, free upvote and much more - really inspiring place to be

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