You were informed prior to being removed from Beta testing that your access was going to be removed and you acknowledged that you were aware that your access was going to be removed. You voiced displeasure at that time at the prospect of being removed, even going so far as to indicate that we did not have the right to remove you.

You were wrong.

Since I'm well aware that you will likely have many follow up responses with questions you already know the answer to, and we suspect you to be a sockpuppet of someone else who follows this same routine in Communities, I will attempt to make your life even more "stress free" by answering them ahead of time and to warn other Communities on Steem.

Your Beta access was removed for the following reasons ...

  • Beta testing is a privilege, not a right.
  • We reserve the right to remove anyone from testing at any time, including you.
  • Your system specifications (as you outlined) do not come close to meeting the requirements for testing.
  • You refused and/or are unable to update your browser and/or system when asked.
  • You reported more personal annoyances than actual issues and did so repeatedly. Example : "I don't like animations".
  • When you did report an issue it was usually one that does not exist for modern systems and browsers.
  • The issues you reported due to your outdated system/software wasted development time.
  • We did not find you to be a competent tester.
  • You repeatedly posted links to gambling websites in our chat.
  • You encouraged others to visit these gambling websites which are likely illegal in their jurisdiction.
  • You repeatedly posted off-topic messages in our chat channels.
  • You did not read the rules of the games you were playing, despite the rules being posted on the game page.
  • You claimed games were rigged when you simply didn't understand or read the rules of the game.
  • When shown the rules, you changed your story and said you just wanted the game to suit your personal preferences.
  • Then once again you stated the game is "rigged" because it does not meet your personal preferences.
  • We did not find you to be a useful addition to the Community.
  • You indicated that you were stressed out by Beta testing on our websites.
  • We have removed all of that stress for you, you're welcome.

"You encouraged others to visit these gambling websites which are likely illegal in their jurisdiction." That is not true - I was talking only to one person about these sites and he was interested about it. And no links were posted - screenshots only.

"...and we suspect you to be a sockpuppet of someone else who follows this same routine in Communities"
wth is that ? I am who I am. I say what I say. And I seen a lot of people in your server saying "rigged" and you were saying it too. Why don't you ban them and yourself ?

They're mocking people like you.

Oh - so thats okay if they do this ? Alright I got the policy.


There is a big difference between jokingly saying "rigged" when things don't go a players way and what you were repeatedly doing. You said games were rigged, then gave screenshots as to why you think the game is rigged, when in fact the reason you gave was completely invalid and based off of you simply not reading the rules, payouts or paylines for games and spewing FUD due to your lack of information. Which is odd, coming from a seasoned casino "pro" such as you claim to be.

I, nor probably anyone else, cannot think of a single "pro" that goes around whining "rigged!" when they lose, while at the same time not even bothering to look at the rules, paylines, paytable, payouts of the game they are playing and continuing to make such claims after the rules, paylines, paytable and payouts are shown to them and that their claims are completely false.

Only you and other people that started the rest of us using "rigged" do that. It's why we make fun of those players such as yourself, because you're all completely ridiculous with your nonsense while claiming to be "pros". It truly is laughable, hence why we mock those types of players.

For instance you said, "I just got rigged on slots - I had 3 watermelons and it did not pay see - 4 dices did not pay", then you provided a screenshot to further your claim in an attempt to convince others, being the "pro" that you are, that the slot machine was rigged.

When the fact was that the slots do not pay on that pattern on 7 lines (which you bet) and the paylines are clearly shown to the players up front. This was explained to you in chat, but you apparently did not like the fact that you were proven to be wrong in great detail and proceeded to make up a new reason why it was "rigged". And that reason was that you think the game should be how you want it to be, not how it actually works.

It's like buying the Monopoly board game and whining the entire time that the game is "rigged" because you land in jail. Then when you're informed that the game rules indicate that's what should happen when the proper conditions are met, you then proclaim that the game is now "rigged" because you don't want that to happen! You then proceed to write Parkers Brothers an hour long message informing them that you're a "Monopoly pro" so you know what you're talking about.

In summary, you did this repeatedly to the point that it became pointless to have you around since the only thing you were doing was making false claims that every game was rigged (against only you apparently) while promoting gambling sites by providing a link to a list of gambling sites and screenshots to gambling sites repeatedly. It seemed you were far more interested in playing at other sites and promoting other sites than ours while in our chat. Then you further backed up the fact that you actually don't want to be in our Community by expressing how you were stressed out from winning free money with zero risk on our sites.

So for the life of me, I cannot understand wtf it is you're still complaining about??? Go to your gambling sites that aren't "rigged" and enjoy your time being stress free.

Good day to your sir!

Well okay that was about brosino, but in general i was satisfied with bro poker but u banned me from poker too.