Why socialism is evil! Ayn Rand had it right in her novel 'Atlas Shrugged'!

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To all my liberal and democratic and socialist friends PLEASE read Atlas Shrugged OR since you probably are too busy WATCH here for FREE! I DARE you to tell me you really want America to turn out the way it does in that story because that is what socialism in America looks like. ALL the producers LEAVE and begin destroying their companies before they leave!

IE they burn down their forest so you have no timber left, they destroy their mines so there is no more metals and they shut down transportation so you can't get anywhere or anything on time! Gasoline goes up to $40+ per gallon and most people can't afford it! This really what you want in America just for the sake of "free" stuff?!!?!?

I employ you to WATCH and see it in action... THIS is what you are voting for when you vote for socialism! #MAGA2020 #TrumpTrain2020 #NeverSocialism

Watch on VUDU for free:


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I think, it's also important to mention objectivism, which Ayn Rand is using all the time:

This helps a lot to understand Atlas Shrugged.