Patriot Act Silently Renewed by Most of Congress Who Stomp on Liberty

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While political theater continues to distract the masses away from things that matter, the Patriot Act was silently renewed 18 years after it's creation.


Initially designed to "fight terror" by many previously illegal means, that Act was drafted to eventually fade out of existence. But the authoritarian overlords operating in what we know as "government" won't allow it to cease to exist. They want to keep the one-eye of power watching over everything.

Despite the majority of (or many) people not approving of the Patriot Act and it's infringement of American rights, such as rushing in a new era of domestic surveillance, members of Congress don't care. They know the sentiment is negative, and that's why they secretly slipped it into the continuing resolution funding the US government.

You might think it's was ushered in by the right/Republicans, while the left/Democrats tried to stop it. You would be wrong. 230 Democrats supported it's inclusion, with 2 opting to not vote. Not a single Democrat opposed their party's groupthink agenda to propagate the surveillance state.

They also waived a rule that would have allowed members of Congress to read it first. The didn't want to even give it a chance of being opposed.

Both parties are united is mass surveillance, and also in funding more war and all the money the president asked for. This amounts to $1.48 trillion for the next 2 years. It's more than the spending for the Korean and Vietnam wars of last century. It also gives the Pentagon more money than the rest of the government combined.

Regardless of the political complains against Trump for the war or whatnot, the bipartisan support for the mass surveillance and war machine shows that these are two-faced liars who support the the war machine no matter who is in power.

The mainstream media avoided mentioned the awful Patriot Act in their coverage of the vote for approving the budget. It's an open conspiracy to keep Americans dumbed down in order to keep pushing the control state. Neither the political sphere nor mainstream media actually care about American's freedom.


It is things like this that prove that we do not have a divided house, half of which is trying to impeach Chump.

FASBI 56 passed easily through the house and senate, just like this renewal.

Bread and circuses... but i didn't expect congress to be the three ring circus.

It is things like this that prove that we do not have a divided house

Definitely a one party system designed to appear as if it were two. I liken it to WWF where they are handed their scripts, all the while laughing to the bank behind closed doors at how stupid those who believe they are their constituents are.

Yup, always a show for us pawns.

The US political parties are just different sides of the same corrupt coin interested in increasing their control over the gullible people. Unfortunately we will see all our freedoms disappear if we're not careful.

Unfortunately we will see all our freedoms disappear if we're not careful.

Seems to me we already have. Sure, they allow bitching and moaning, but choose not to do something they demand, or do something they forbid and they will quickly demonstrate it was but an illusion that you had freedom.

Kind of like the false reality of the Matrix movies.

Indeed, it's steadily happening.

And people wonder why I don’t trust the government.

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They agree on everything bad. They disagree on everything good. What a collection of baboons...!

although that is a preferable definition but not the scientific name it turned out, sadly..

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this proves once again that DEMOCRACY is a LIE. It is one of the worst because it "appears" to work for a period of time but it is not possible to "re-present" others... and it proves that the dark occult death cult are continuing to impose their agenda upon the sheeple and no one knows are cares - but we will care when the noose is tightened around our necks and we can no longer move freely on the land -- oh that's already true... well then I don't know when the people will realize it. I know I realized it over 20 years ago but have not been able to combat the force of INVOLUTION on my own - only for myself... have I been able to push back against it... I have also noticed that if I practice Natural Law myself, I can find ways around the direct effects, but that pleases me only on a tiny minute scale because of how the environmentand all sentient beings suffer because of this death cult agenda... we have chosen the left hand path which leads to extinction... but it is a sslllooowwww journey there...