The great awakening - New normal? Possibly.

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The same snake oil salesmen selling the fear are selling the cure.

Not only are they selling alleged vaccines, they are making a killing with PCR tests that even the WHO stated are "not fit for purpose" due to all the false positives.

Add to that these creatures selling the notion of a plandemic and bodies in the street - have had ambulance drivers driving around in biohazard suits, sirens on and nobody to even collect or take to their closed hospitals.

In the UK with the £1750 bond, 10 days quarantine in a hotel of some bumchum of a politicians friend and here with the gov buying up all the hotels at 10% of the value, these clowns in politics are making an absolute killing.

We will never know how heavily invested governments are in big pharma, but I would guess they are all in as in quantitative easing all in.

If what is going on now has not woken up the majority - nothing ever will.

I received this via email today.

"As you know by now, entire industries are based on things that are pure fantasy.
In physics (photons, electrons, neutron stars, big bang, black holes, etc) and the same is true in biology.
In fact most of biology is a fabrication or partial truth. Germs are real.
The virus, along with the immune system and asymptomatic carrier bull dung were invented to subvert the rational simplicity of Kochs Postulates, of which not a single ONE has ever been satisfied, while trying to prove that germs cause disease.
The virus is an example of something that has never been directly observed or catalogued by any credible scientific process.
Genetics is another great example of scientific fraud.
DNA is just a theoretical concept. The so-called indirect evidence of the existence and structure of DNA are just completely unsustainable interpretations. No one can prove that the bands of different sizes seen on gel electrophoresis are the expression of the existence of the hypothetical structure of what is claimed to be DNA.
I would encourage anyone who believe in the idea of DNA to go back and read how it was supposedly isolated. Absolute comedy. It include actually boiling the sample. Ridiculous. There is no proof that DNA exist.
There is SOMETHING going on however, of course.
What we have is a parallel situation between physics and biology.
When confronted with field energy scientists are compelled to draw upon the radical materialism of their training and simply invent particles they believe are responsible for composing the field.
The materialistic nature of our civilization runs deep.
There is a dead end for these materialist concepts once they get past a certain threshold because, at heart, the universe is made of innately intelligent electromagnetic energy that has no points or particles.
DNA, virus, RNA, vitamins, chromosome, electron, proton, neutrino etc, all theoretical concepts with no direct observation to back their claims.
Innately intelligent electric field energy is the glue that unites all sciences and the universe comprehensively.
We must turn our attention to this as it is part of our awakening to a Natural World Order."

"Peter John Ladetto."

Hospitals for cures?

Now you know I was joking there, no money is no cure, repeat custom is better is it not?.
Now speaking of repeat custom let us move onto the little prick (no not bill gates) for the rona.

In the UK and here they state that you can still get the rona once you have had the little prick. And you can still infect people? So can someone tell me the point in having the little prick?

They also state you will need a yearly booster now. Also there is talk about prick passports and even prick cards to carry and show to go into a pub/bar or restaurant.

Now from the start of this hoax nothing seems to make any sense, but that is the point is it not, make it up as you go along.

You can be a carrier but not infected? You can kill someones granny by visiting them even though you feel perfectly healthy.

Now I prefer to think along the lines of Peter John Ladetto above. These frauds have for centuries made up what ever they deem fit so they can earn a living from it.

Then it is write a book about it and get other people to read and reguritate it and give them an exam and bingo. Expert in new bullshit.


I agree with him above.

There seems never a year gone by without the government making up a scare. Ebola, birdflu, HIV/aids etc etc etc.

They have to keep people in fear so they do not work out that those lazy tossers in politics print money from nothing, add debt to it and you foot the bill.
Not only do you foot the bill once, you foot it over and over again while they drink champagne courtesy of you.

Get paid and pay tax yes, let us say 25% tax. Then you take your 75% left and go and spend it. Everything you buy has VAT (value added tax) Here that is 23%, so for the hours you worked the government has taken tax twice. On everything you buy.

Since when did you agree to work for the government? The day you started working by paying them tax.

Let us say you get paid $400 a week for 40 hours. 25% is tax, $100 total is then what the government takes without asking you. So the first or any 10 hours you work is purely for "them".

They are laughing at us all.

You can see why they resent us, we fight wars for them, we pay them to do nothing via our tax.
You can also see why they think they can make any old crap up and most will believe it as they simply will.
Say anything enough on TV and they believe.

"The bigger the lie the more that believe it."

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Wishing you all a blessed week of fun and love. Have a superb one.

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Peace and out.


Good one! Just shared on all the platforms I have

Thanks my friend. Make a post, you never know you may win and be able to buy some hive power or just spend it. :-)

I will become more active, definitely

Good on you. We all need to end this bullshit and soon.

Excellent posting, thank you! :) reblogged.

What people who have never contemplated further and more deeply about their own existence and how the world is, what they lack is the insight that we are mental beings who construct our world view and create our truths within this culturally shaped construct. As Alan Watts once so humorously remarked, the response of a foreman who sent a day labourer away during the Great Depression was to say, "We've run out of inches".

Those who do not consider such things and think to themselves that there is an indubitable materially determined world believe in principle every explanatory model in relation to a determinable phenomenon. Laboratory conditions are, so to speak, a very limited attempt to isolate the innumerable factors of a phenomenon from the outside world and to mark the few factors that enter into the calculation as the only real ones. This is, of course, ridiculous if you only think about it once.

Since we are such consummate creators of our reality, one could just say that we should not concentrate so much on what causes fear, but rather on what gives pleasure, what can unfold artistically. Everyone is an artist, whether he is a gardener or an architect or a construction worker.

I know a colleague of whom I would make the assessment that she believes neither in the dangerousness of Corinna, nor in the dangerousness of vaccination. She is of a rather fundamentally serene disposition. In such serene moments, I also tend to take this stance. But I just know that not all people share this and that the compulsion that is now being exerted relates more to the compulsion to believe in something that so obviously tells an apocalyptic story.

For me, it is that people are still animated by a deep superstition and that all modern achievements about man's dominion over nature also only stem again from a kind of deeply rooted myth that fears in natural phenomena something like the wrath of the gods or the tides or the creatures. Whether these are called the God of Thunder or DNA is not so different as many have chosen to believe.

Just as we laugh at our ancestors today who hid in a cave out of fear during a thunderstorm, thinking some mightiness caused it upon them, for they did not worship the gods, people from the future might laugh at us in the same way.

So, we think we must sacrifice ourselves to the religion of pseudo-science and take the cure. An infantile belief in being saved from the unknown and from evil. Listening to the priests of "evidence". LOL.

Greetings and cheers!

I used to listen to Alan Watts before going to sleep. Very soothing voice.
"But I just know that not all people share this and that the compulsion that is now being exerted relates more to the compulsion to believe in something that so obviously tells an apocalyptic story."
Possibly because we all know one day we die.
"Whether these are called the God of Thunder or DNA is not so different as many have chosen to believe."
This shows how we as people have not matured enough to evolve past group think beliefs.
"So, we think we must sacrifice ourselves to the religion of pseudo-science"
Religion or cult? unsure at the moment, I do though prefer cult.

What a super reply yet again. Thank you my friend from over the border. Superb.

:) thank you, it sounds good to being called a friend.

I think though, that we are super-ripe to go beyond superstition (what you call group think), at least, the potential lays in the open. The absurdity of this time is a great chance to look through it. I mean, how obvious shall it get? In the long run, that is what I like to believe, this new apocalyptic scenario got more people to re-consider their world view or to request what they formerly believed in in a more profound way. At least this counts for myself. From a moderate freedom loving mind I turned into someone, which questions now almost everything I believed in so far.

Cheers, friend.