Has it really been a year?

in #pondering11 months ago (edited)

I opened up my ecency blog just now, and my profile tells me that it has been a year since I last posted.

A year.

A whole year.

And what a year.

Are you feeling burnt out? I am.

But I think I need to focus on something a little more positive, because, well, there's so much out there to bring me down, I don't really need to bring it in here with me.

So, something positive that happened today was I watched Muppet Treasure Island with Ms 13 (yes, she's Ms 13 now, and soon to be Ms 14. Mind. Blown.).

It was really fun.

I know the Muppets aren't everyone's favourite, but they are one of mine, and have been ever since I was a kid and watched the Muppet Show every week with my family. I remember my dad, long passed now, laughing so hard...

Good times.

So, now I share that experience with my daughter, and I love it. And she loves it. Recommended.

I think I'll post more often. Not for any real reason - except to say hi and to note the positive events of the day.

Because it's so easy to forget they even happened. But without them, well, they're the whole point aren't they.

Thank to pixabay.com, and Disney for the images.
And a special thank you to @ryivhnn for my wonderful Wombats.


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I have also awakened after a huge amount of time has slipped away .