Just use the #posh tag in your post and place the link in a comment on your post. :)

You are a bully fyi

yep, just liked I helped you get your first steem on, all I care about is bullying people yep yep

I made a post calling for help from bully flagging and promoted it to get some attention & help instead... found more bullies yes... the post before it had no promotion yet flag partied with claims of copy paste which is a lie (& thanks for those upvotes, did not even mind a % went back to you adding nicely to the curation) so inst ead of remove your flag you bully flag me more thanks!

Why do you have these bots upvoting your comments

Because I am getting them flagged even with no cursing, so un-censoring is my goal. They want to grey out the truth.

nvm, he bough the votes