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Hey everyone! As you know we at OCD have been attempting to raise the traffic onto your blogposts and at the same time to Steemit in the past. We've done so by sharing your works onto Twitter and Reddit in the "Sharing is Caring" posts of @ocd while at the same time rewarding both the person sharing the posts and the author of the shared posts with the post rewards of the above mentioned post. Instead of continuing that trend, we thought of another way to incentivize people to share their posts onto other platforms, starting with Twitter!

The reason we're starting with Twitter is cause the analytics are much easier to check up on and the shared posts are much easier to track and throw them some extra Twitter likes on when we browse through them. We are hoping others will also take the time to do this. We won't be touching Reddit as of yet as there's a lot more rules involved there with each subreddit having their own, some already shadowbanning Steemit posts, etc. With the upcoming communities feature we may come back to that, though.

I recently looked up the analytics of the #steem tag on Twitter and these were the results: Link to the website here

50 contributers? I know we can do better than that! Here's the stats for #steemit which were already much better even though they also have a lot of room for improvement.

Great job to #steempeak for their activity as well! Although this one is over more days (it wouldn't let me choose in the free version, I guess they just counted 100 Tweets max so will have to look for another tool)

Introducing Proof of Sharing - PoSh

We decided not to abbreviate it into PoS for obvious reasons. ;)

All you have to do as a content creator is share your works onto Twitter with the hashtag #steem #steemit or #steempeak depending on which front-end you use by default. Of course you can also add other tags relevant to your content. After you've shared it, just write down a comment under your post with a link to the tweet, our curators will confirm that it's shared and you will receive a bigger vote than you would have originally from @ocd and/or @ocdb.

In your post, use the #posh tag so we can find you even though we may not follow you with @ocdb yet or if you aren't using the #oc tag.

As a content consumer, feel free to share someone's post you really liked onto Twitter with the hashtags and you will be incentivized with a small vote on your comment as well! It is okay to share their post even though the author has already shared it, we will be following the #posh tag through gina bot to not miss your comments!

Let's try this out for some time and see how it goes, if you have any suggestions for improvements, we'd love to hear them!


Amazing initiative acid, I made sure to chip in to help #steem make noise in Twitter.

I also incorporated in the post that aside earning in Steemit, you also earn tribe tokens (in my case Sports tokens) for participating in Tribes! Here's the link :

I generally share most of my non-steem centered steem content on facebook and twitter. For facebook it's just to get that one extra SEO link for twitter, there is some good engagement with steem people.
I usually delay it a day or two.
Not sure I want to add all of these comments and tags to my steem posts, but I will think about it.
I will try to remember to use the steem tag with posts on Twitter's end. Hell, ill do it now

Nice initiative, I've been promoting and pushing all my work on Twitter for ages especially my videos shared from @threespeak . I shall be more diligent about #Steem though I've also been taging Steemit and Steemnetwork accounts. Also everything done by the @3speakonline is with this goal in mind.

Happy to see the focus shifting to outreach and less internal focus

I just shared this post on my twitter account. Just wanted to know that this is the right process or not. 😉

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It is. :)

:psst: It’s just us here, right? Don’t say I never gave you anything. 👍🏿


LOL nice, did u do this or just happened to see it? xD

Negative, that isn’t mine. I’ve recently been adding the local street art amongst our travels. I have about 20-30 more pieces in my phone that I’ll be sharing shortly. Coincidence is a funny wOrd, but I saw you acknowledge my previous comment literally within seconds of going through my images this morning and was like... “well, here ya go!”

Remember to add the #posh tag and share them on Twatter ;p

Check out @horpey’s guide on setting up an RSS feed to Twitter automation in IFTTT.

then every one of your posts and resteems will get blasted out to the Twitter-verse with all the hash tags you can want, including #steem.

I do love Twitter for the analytics they provide.

At least for gaming over there you can find a lot of opportunity. Some game developer and/or their staff members might even comment, like or even retweet a tweet you made regarding content on Steem. Some company really love to engage with comments on their own Tweets as well.

Not to mention if you get a retweet from a bigger Twitter account that is not on Steem that can get a lot of views and people who have never heard of Steem in the first place.

Also much easier to engage with groups and different people. I even run around with a " I ❤ Steem.!!" next to me my name.

For as long as I've been on Steemit, I've been sharing posts via Twitter and Facebook. (Lost my Reddit password, never did find my way back there.) My dust vote is such a sad show of appreciation (even though I've powered up three times, only to remain at one cent), I can only hope that social media sharing will atone for my lack of whale-sized esteem and approval. Thank you @acidyo and all the @curie team for promoting the Twitter initiative. I've continued to like Twitter through all its ups and down, and despite its Follow Ratio, because so user-friendly, pithy, succinct, and NO $$$ required to hit the "Like" button. Off now to see who's been tweeting links! For a long time now, @raj808,, @FreeWriteHouse and countless others have been at this. Here's to branching out!

@acidyo I don't know if I understand, but if it's ok I shared on Twitter One of my recent post with the mentioned tags (steem, Steemit and posh). This is the link of the tweet:

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I just added the tags and tweeted your post! Great initiative!

I don't use Twitter because I don't have one, but... I'm publishing 99% of my posts on SteemPeak.

Plus, OCD work is great. :)

Maybe you could get a Twitter account? :) Sharing really doesn't take a long time and you help #steem and even #steempeak get more visibility, the bonus there is that steempeak now offers guest accounts so if anyone stumbled upon your posts they can easier get access to Steem and maybe interact on your post here. :)

I use steemspeak. I have a twitter account. But what tag do I use on twitter.

#steem and #steempeak

You can use many. :)

Read the post again.

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পড়ছি, আরেকবার সিওয় হয়ে নিলাম

I made a twitter account a couple of months ago or so, but I haven't logged in on twitter very much yet. I'm not really sure about how to do this yet, so I'm going to see look at some of the posts here on how people are doing it, to make sure I do it right.

Also, how does clicking steemit's sharing icon with twitter know which twitter account is mine?

If you are logged in on chrome it'll try to post from it. :)

I don't use chrome, only Opera and Firefox, but the reason I asked about the sharing is because after I made my twitter acct, I shared some of my posts from steemit and they went to my twitter acct, but I don't think it even asked me which acct it was, but it still went to the right one. Do you know how that happened? Is it possible or did I actually tell steemit my twitter acct but forgot I did?

Thanks for making this post for creating more awareness to #Steem and related tags on Twitter. Here is an extension to it @acidyo:

This is an incredible initiative! Before I used to use Twitter for some Oracle-D (YooDoo) tasks, but I stopped using it because I no longer had a reason, but this is a brilliant idea and I will start applying it from now. Always doing a great job. Thanks Acid! Cheers

EDIT: I also think it would be a good idea to motivate users to participate among themselves on Twitter, this way the tweets will have more activity and will be more real, that helps a lot in the positioning of Twitter and thus would be healthier.

Excellent idea. Very necessary promotion in all areas.

It is everyone's task to activate ourselves with this plan.

I like #posh!

This is the only social media type account I’ve ever done @acidyo, I’ve never even signed into any of the other ones, or I’d be all over it. Thank you for promoting #steemit.

@acidyo, This Initiative is much appreciated and definitely it will boost Content Creators specially those who are sharing their content on Twitter from long time.

Through Twitter we can attract more eyeballs 👀 and we can let others know what empowering journey Steemians having.

Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

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I am coming to read this properly tomorrow and calling on @Traciyork who is a Twitter whizz. And also @joanstewart, @joelai, @nickyhavey, and @thekitchenfairy. I will think of others

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Thanks for the tag, @fionasfavourites! I saw this post shared on Twitter a couple of times, which is awesome, but hadn't gotten around to check it out yet!

I've been jumping on the #MondayBlogs tag on Twitter off and on for months now, sharing posts from my old WordPress blogging friends as well as my new #SteemPress cryptoblog pals. While the post links I share are the non-Steem blogs, almost all of them have the two way integration turned on (a beta feature that "displays Steem features including, upvotes, pending rewards, comments and Steem log in on the blog interface") - I figure it's a good way to introduce people to the idea of Steem in a familiar setting.

Oh, and the hash tags I use and the handles I tag on Twitter for those posts are - #SteemTweets #steem @steemit @SteemNetwork #SteemPress @steempressio #crypto #blog #cryptoblog #blogging

Much appreciate this initiative, @acidyo, and I'll be back with proof of sharing shortly!

EDIT - Because RIF (reading is fundamental)...😂 After rereading this, I won't be "back" with proof here, but I will start using the tag and sharing the Twitter link in the comment section under my posts... 😊

Thanks for the tag @fionasfavourites, I will read through again what is required by @acidyo as I do share my Steemit post sometimes using #steem, #steemit, and other related tag s to my post.

Will try it out on my next post.


Just tested in Twitter, will see how it goes!

Most posts where I know people on Twitter get a Tweet all will have #Steem tag, normally #Steemit as well, will have to look into this a little further @fionasfavourites some go to FB.

Not using Steempeak, convince me and I will have to open an account. The more we share the more people see, which most definitely will help the platform.

@joanstewart - you don't have to open a new account to use SteemPeak. Since Partiko has gone a bit weird, I've uninstalled it and use the former from my phone. My understanding is just that one uses the #posh tag on Twitter when sharing.

OK, been there done that this morning, I don't work from a phone prefer my PC being a typist from before sliding fingers became the in thing :)

Joan, I am also a typist. I prefer my laptop and my qwerty keyboard. For everything. Sometimes, though, I'm lazy or just in the moment :P

Good post man. Good initiative.

Thanks for the continued support of my development endevours and helping the newcomers I've brought to our community.

I shared this post on my twitter account. I hope to be helping.


Ok I will try to use tihs tag.And It is a great Initiative👌👌

Well this is awesome. Glad we're finally taking the gospel outside.

I like that gif! I be looking into this and reading it more carefully this evening. For now, just passed it on😎

Appreciated your another great initiative.

I nearly never use Twitter (apart from being on STEEM I am not into social media) and also don't know about its different options.
However, I just tweeted one of my recent posts and added it to my profile.

Next time, when writing a new post, I may add the posh tag and share it, as well.

Great Idea... I’m going to start sharing with the #steem tag again on Twitter.... I could use all the extra Steem I can get.
Here is my Shared Tweet...


This is my resteemed twitter post

Okay so basically just use the #posh tag in your posts you're going to share on twitter and then just add a link to the tweet in the comments of the post and we'll find it easier. :)


I just published a new post and I think I did it the right way. :)

That is a great initiative. I'm joining in with this post

Thanks @acidyo for sharing this awesome #posh tag suggestion.

I read @horpey later article re setting up RSS in conjunction to reading this one of yours. I grabbed his idea and now I am able to use RSS feed to tweet my own posts, and to tweet the ones I have resteemed (yours included).

These simple techniques will greatly increase my notable tweets on Twitter, and will encourage more tweeps to follow me. I love organic growth on social media! Hopefully other steemian adopters will also find virality in Twitter.

Made another work with twitter! Happy to help Steem get impressions in Twitter :

I think I posted over 800+ #steem posts on twitter, I lost count lol... Im also going to focus on posting appics now on twitter :)

I've been doing this for a while now with all of my posts. I guess users here don't know how much more traffic it generates and how the search engines bump the post in results when you link from other sites like Twitter.

Thanks for the post.

Pos... Was the problem with Proof of Stake... Or Piece of Shit?

Both :P

When I first read about #posh it really seemed like a very good idea to me, we just have to be constant and not stop doing it.

I'm not a very frequent Twitter user, I use more Facebook than Twitter, so I'll publish my posts on both social networks because I feel it will be more efficient. I'm not sure how hashtags work on Facebook, but I think they work just like Twitter.

It's an incredible initiative, but we'll have to work on it very well to see equally incredible

Edit: Apparently I have better results on Facebook (posts on my fb profile) :)


I'm admin of a fb group of 10k people, maybe this will help a lot :)

Hello @acidyo , hope i did it right. Here's a simple food made with love shared on twitter as well.


Just use the #posh tag in your post and place the link in a comment on your post. :)

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This is a gr8 idea @acidyo.

I've been sharing all my steem writing on twitter for a while now.

I've been tagging my posts with #posh and following these guidelines for around 2 weeks now but they seem to being completely ignored by OCD. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong to be honest.

Let me know if I'm blacklisted for some reason, I can't think why I would be. Cheers

What if something like this was built into the Steemit/Steempeak/Busy/eSteem user interfaces so that the sharing process could be automated.

It would be nice if it could be customized so that certain hashtags like #steem #steemit #steempeak #posh #oc could be easily added to it by the user.

Currently the easiest way that I know of to get an RSS feed of a Steemit user is via eSteem.
Here is an example:

I am not a developer or anything and this may not be the best place to post this idea but perhaps someone will see it and pass it along.

First I put the #posh and #steemit tags in my steemit post, but then on twitter I realized the tags in the post aren't going to be seen by twitter. So I posted this post on steemit, then tweeted it from to twitter, then on twitter I added the #posh and #steemit tags and retweeted it, but I don't know if that works or not. Can you confirm I did it in an okay way? I don't know how else to do it. Here's my link:

When I tried to use the twitter icon to share, this is what I get