Not agreeing with the awards, breaking the pool by one person.

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Hello !!!

I say openly that I am not in agreement with payments of almost 40 hbd for each post of the community ocd.

All posts with great rewards.

And what is most interesting, he votes for himself from his pages.

This is called a pool break.

Lots of underestimated works and he votes for his posts.

Where's the justice ?

So the platform won't last long.

I want to say that I also know about his pages, but he hides.

You need to make some money.

If you analyze his voting you will find.

If not, I'll tell you about it.

Now the material is being prepared.

Why don't you vote for posts that are not up to rated and not for this mining.


You are like an IT specialist

What do you think ?


I will also say one thing, everyone is afraid to write something to him, since he will simply flag a person.

With the power of voice that was delegated to him.

I will write to each person who delegated to you, and I will tell you the facts of how you earn on them and flag those who are not pleasing to you.