man, the people who fall for the mainstream media bullshit are hopeless

Lysol is good disinfectant, trump is happy with its activities!

All the puppets in the media love Trump, though they wouldn't be caught dead admitting it. They've never made as much money off sensationalism as they have since his victory.

And as an added bonus, they get to indulge in their massively egotistical sense of self importance. It's almost like 2 pees in a pod, until you examine their actions.

fake news. He suggested enema, not injection

he can say anything haha i wonder how many people have actually tried that out lol

hello sir I see on YouTube, and I subscribe on that channel, is that you?

Man what a debacle.

Also, I stopped using appics back on STEEM because it broke and the process to get it installed again was a pain.

How come you are using it now? Is it back or is 3-speak screwed?

There is tension between Trump and the healthcare organization
Donald Trump has a strange personality 😂😂

I use BEER instead!