#Promo-Steem Curation Synopsis || 05-MAR-2020

Daily #Promo-Steem Curation Synopsis showcases the brilliant promo work done by Steemians to promote Steem Blockchain.



The Steem News @ 31 January 2020

Author: @pennsif

The drama of the Steem/Tron partnership continued today with no promising route forward. Following the inconclusive meeting between Justin Sun and selected Steem witnesses last night attention returned to the witness rankings. The large Korean stake holder @proxy.token played a decisive role causing major shifts in witness positions.

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Witness Update (22.7331) - Pick a great Steem Frontend - Please vote Community Witnesses - SteemWallet Apps back.

Author: @roelandp

In all seriousness, what a bizar week this was. We have the single largest stakeholder calling in his friends with billion dollars owning exchanges to overrule a temporarily safety measurement (softfork 22.2) and centralise the Steem chain around most probably 1 server running the show.When I got the news of the hostile centralised take-over I was flabbergasted. Bam. This is it.

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Author: @aggroed

Hey guys, thanks for your help on the post yesterday. I took the information gathered and I asked my attorney, Bull Blockchain Law, to put together a legal opinion. The question is: Did the statements from Steemit Inc over the last four years constitute anything binding? When Tron purchased Steemit do those binding things carry on to the new owners? Are there any legal precedents of actions by entities like the SEC in cases like this?

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Powered up yesterday about +30K of STEEM to support the real witnesses !!! Fight the #tron virus !!!

Author: @liondani

If you have STEEM do the same and vote for real witnesses so we eventually kick out the #tron hacker-sock-puppets that are in yellowish corona-like virus color bellow. Check at https://steemd.com/witnesses and vote for 30 witnesses from spot 1-50 except the corona-yellow-marked disease of blockchain #tron puppets.

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