The BEST EVER Medium Spicy Salsa Recipe.

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Making the EASIEST, Medium Spicy Salsa, with fresh ingredients, from my gardens!

I prefer to feed my family healthy, homemade meals, and that includes this wonderful EASY TO MAKE, medium Spicy Salsa, all made from my own garden ingredients! Follow along as I show you in this short video, my recipe for making Easy Medium Spicy Salsa, from fresh 3 kinds of tomato, 4 kinds of peppers, onion, herbs, and garlic from my garden! My gardens are in New England, zone 6b/7a.

We never grew up eating any kind of Mexican, Tex-Mex, or Spanish influenced foods. This is something I discovered later on, as a young married man. Turns out, Salsa is amazing. And goes great at Appetizer night! Honestly, Miss @dreemsteem even I enjoy this one with the tiniest bit of heat. Maybe my OLD MANSY taste buds are finally growing up?

Please let me know in the comments, how you make your Salsa? Mild? Medium heat? Spicy? or Ghost Pepper crazy HOT HOT HOT? What else do you do with your garden grown peppers and tomato?

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Most of you know, I prefer to grow my own food, locally. It's healthier for my family, and for the planet. I know what goes into my foods, and what chemicals are NOT in my food. Also, It cuts down on carbon emissions, less trucking, planes, trains, and boats, to get fresh foods to my table.

And that makes me smile... better for the planet, better for my own family.

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We just made salsa over the weekend as well. And some spaghetti sauce. So much better than store! And I like it HOT!

Sauce recently, and salsa couple days ago. SO MANY tomato coming ripe now.
Yikes, no... I can't do spicy. My daughters like spicier than I do, but best I can do is mild/medium heat.

Without having tasted it I could (probably) agree that it is the best. Because anything out of your own garden is the best. I must admit I do NOT like spicy that requires a fire extinguisher. But I have family members that like as hot as it can get. In fact my brother grows and eats with every meal Carolina Reaper. Which I am told is flameable but there's no ways I'm going to be in the same time zone as off the charts hot

I do enjoy the freshest from the garden... and I will admit, NOPE: Spicy is NOT for me. In fact, this is as spicy as I can do. Me, too... NOT in the same time zone as Ghost Pepper and Carolina Reaper!

Mmmm salsa sounds really good. I have tomatoes but not as much as last year. However a good salsa is always welcomed.

indeed, and you can use those cherry tomato you grow too!

I grew up in Texas for awhile and then lived in Cali so I'm always looking for some good Mexican food. I like spicy salsa - garlic, onion and peppers. I have some jalapenos which bring some heat. But I end up making with what I have, then sometimes mix in some habanero sauce to spice it up when I use it if I don't think its spicy enough. That also works well if others don't want as much spice.

that was how I first tried making some salsa with tiniest of heat... ADDING some heat via some bottled sauce. Last year was my first time trying to grow any peppers with heat. And I finally added some to my salsa this year!

Nice! I'm going to try a wider variety of peppers next year.

I am definitely going for less varieties of both Pepper and Tomato.
I made a decision three years ago, to branch out and try LOTS of Varieties of Pepper and Tomato to see what grows best here in my area.

But, I am going to replant Golden California Wonder, Big Red Bell, Coral Bell, Sweet Banana, and Lemon Drop Aiji (for the heat) Dropping Sunbright, I am undecided on Purple Beauty Bell. I have some seeds, so may use them up.

I did 17 varieties of Tomato. Probably cut 3 of the 6 cherry type, and about 5 or 6 of the beefsteak/slicers, type. But not until end of harvest will I finalize. I am fairly certain that Brandywine (Black, Pink, and Yellow) are gone. They are VERY Susceptible to both Early Blight and Late Blight. no point in taking up the space, based on total return.

hahahaha you??? heat?!!!

I don't believe it lol

Joe and Mikey are huge fans of the ghost pepper salsa (bhut jolokia!). and Mikey even loves the Carolina reapers...he's nuts!!!?

my friend just made some delicious chilito with serranos. I think that's probably my top level for spice. after's just pain.hahaha

nice to see that you actually dared to go for a kick!

Seems that sometimes, my friends can be a bad influence... Miss.
BUT NO WAY, Micah. NOPE. Cannot do those HOT HOT HOT peppers

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 172 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

I love spicy food it looks very tasty such a great cook 👨‍🍳


thanks, I grew up cooking and really do enjoy it!


$PIZZA slices delivered:
@ayamihaya(2/5) tipped @bluefinstudios

@bluefinstudios You certainly have my attention. I LOVE salsas!!
Hopefully you'll still have a jar when I make my way back east.

I cannot believe you went to Vegas without ME!

Nooo…I haven’t.
I‘m GOING to Vegas without you! ♦️♠️♥️♣️