Want HEALTHIER Meatballs and Meatloaf?


A Healthier Meatloaf and Meatball Recipe!

Healthier food choices are an important part of living and making your own foods! Follow along as I show you in this short video, a BETTER RECIPE and HEALTHIER way to make traditional Meatloaf and Meatballs! My gardens are in New England, zone 6b/7a.

Growing up, I learned making meatballs and meatloaf (basically the same recipe) from my mom and Yia Yia (my Greek Grandmother!) Later, in college I dated an Italian girl, and she learned form her mom and grandmother, too. Turns out, she probably copied her recipe from one of my Greek Ancestors? As I got older, I realized, some of our family recipes needed some updating. A healthier slant to traditional cooking, for sure! Watch and find out how changing ONE simple ingredient can really help to make your cooking MUCH better for you.

Please let me know in the comments, how do you make your meatballs and meatloaf?

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Most of you know, I prefer to grow my own food, locally. It's healthier for my family, and for the planet. I know what goes into my foods, and what chemicals are NOT in my food. Also, It cuts down on carbon emissions, less trucking, planes, trains, and boats, to get fresh foods to my table.

And that makes me smile... better for the planet, better for my own family.

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It's time to take control of your own food supply,
your own health and your own lives.

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Happy Gardening and Cheers,

All Images by Bluefin Studios unless specified.

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Yummy - I am checking out your recipes. I am sure this will be a family favorite.

Is that the Greek or Italian healthier recipe 😂

My female friend from college texted me... she enjoyed the video but said, "NO WAY can I stand by that recipe! No Self Respecting Italian would EVER!"