Living Inside Tiny Screens For Clout and Clicks

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Social media is one of the best thing that happened to humanity.

The invention of great technology and the internet has made it so easy for us to access and communicate with each other without having to leave our room to meet people in real life.

However the social presence thats now a big new thing is not even new anymore first we have eskimi, facebook then instagram and now its tiktoks and many more others out there. However everything that comes with social media now is mostly about the numbers and the higher the number the higher the money. This has created a whole priority for people to give a fuck about like the clicks, the likes to people chasing clouts and even trolls.


The virtual world is now filled with people finding or seeking a world that they cant replicate in the real world. Like for example people who seek clouts in the online world from people they have never seen in ordwr to re-create a world that they want online

Likes are now the new dopamine that exist in the virtual world and clouts is what most people chase in order to bring in the numbers and likes. An account without much clicks is considered to be worthless and useless or at least according to the algorithm and this has gotten into most peoples head that they will do everything possible to get some attention, some clicls , some likes and if needed be a troll to others in order to get those clicks.

We all want to be seen by others, liked by others, or sometimes hated by others too who don't align with our view in the virtual world. We do all these and ignore that real life is the real world while the social world is just a mere opportunity to alleviate a geographical embargo that's existed in the past.

Today its easier to connect with someone who's not from your own geographical area and someone you might've seen a long time ago and wish to reconnect with again, or someone you've never seen before and may never will too.

To most this makes the real world complicated that many think the virtual world is now the new world embodied inside their tiny phone screen or on their computer screen. Without trying to live their offline life to the fullest because we are always stuck on the computer screen.

We sure can be anything online but we should not forget to have a life outside of that in the real world.
There are people around us that we can connect with and not have to seek everything we want in the virtual world.

Not seeking any form of clout or clicks will enable us to be in our right minds to do things we want without having to do whats unexpected like shooting up a school and having it captured online because we want to be on #1 trending or in the papers front page the next day or other questionable act people do online to get more clicks these day.

Would you rather chase clouts and cliscks than live a real life without having to chase clicks or clouts in the virtual world?

But then what serves one doesn't serve the other so its a double edged sword and its all in our hands to choose. Nevertheless its about how you see it and your perspective about clicks and clout chasing that is becoming a disease in the virtual world.


That's the problem we have nowadays

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