What is wrong with Proofofbrain? Is there a malformation?

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I hate to write this down but I have to bring this out to the hearing and notice of everybody. I have been unable to upvote, Make comments, Claim tokens and even create a post on #Proofofbrain for about 5 days now and that's not good at all.


The image above illustrates the error message I get whenever I try to either post a comment, Upvote a post and create a post also and it is very annoying.

At first, I thought it was a very mild problem and thought it would stop but so far after 5 days it still keeps showing me this error message and I have been unable to do anything on #Proofofbrain for days now and that is very bad for my mental health because #Proofofbrain has not only been a community where I blog and engage in other fun activities but It has now become a part of my life and a lifestyle to me right now.

I would really appreciate if I get a response as to why this is happening and I hope it gets resolved and back to the usual and free way it has been all this while before this issue started.

I would like to know, Is there anyone else in the #proofofbrain community experiencing this same issue as mine?


I'm also having the same problem my friend, I'm frustrated. I'm looking at using other frontends at the moment, I hope it gets resolved successfully before this week runs out

I find that very funny because you used the #Proofofbrain frontend to send me this comment.

Are you kidding me?

Lol I actually didn't.. I've been using the Ecency frontend since yesterday as you can see here.. sometimes I use the peakD end.


Oh, I see. I thought you were using it directly from the proofofbrain blog site.

I have heard about eccency but I am not used to the app and I don't like the graphics of the App.

I find it hard and unenjoying to use it

Yeah i've seen that error before. I switched to using the proofofbrain site with the Hive Keychain. I'm posting from it right now as a test. All I can think of is clearing out the cache, and make sure you are signing in with the correct key. If it is a problem, hope they can clear it up.
testing 1.2.3
Screenshot 2021-10-04 at 10.55.21 PM.png

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Woah, That's quite surprising.

How am I supposed to go about it? I mean logging in with the hivekeychain.

Hive Keychain is a google chrome extension, so you would add it on google chrome, then go to settings, and add accounts, add keys, and then when you log in the keychain will pop up, kind of like how the metmask connects for using different sites. That's jsut how I do it, i prefer the hive keychain becasue once it's installed it makes managing a bunch of hive accounts really simple.

Screenshot 2021-10-05 at 8.54.13 AM.png

Screenshot 2021-10-05 at 8.55.13 AM.png

Screenshot 2021-10-05 at 8.55.26 AM.png

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Thanks a lot, I really appreciate that.

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I have also cleared caches and I am signing in with the right keys.

Well, I do not really know what the problem is but what ever it is, I hope it get resolve soon , I feel your pain man

Alright, Thanks for the words of sympathy, Bro.

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Alright, Alright, Thanks once again for the update.