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"From 1715, when the British East India Company opened up its first Far East office in the Chinese port city of Canton, it has been official British Crown policy to foster mass-scale drug addiction against targeted foreign populations in order to impose a state of
enforced backwardness and degradation, thereby maintaining British political control and looting rights. While the methods through which the British have conducted this Opium War policy have shifted over the intervening 250 [now 300+] years, the commitment to the proliferation of mind-destroying drugs has been unswerving.
It was the British Crown's categorical opposition to and hatred for scientific and technological progress that led it to adopt an Opium War policy during the last decade of the 18th century.
Having stifled the development of domestic manufacturing during the previous century, the British Crown found its treasury rapidly being drained of silver reserves — the only payment the Chinese Emperor would accept in exchange for silk, tea, and
other commodities Britain imported. To reverse the silver exodus, which threatened to collapse the financial underpinnings of the British Empire, King George III mandated the East India Company to begin shipping large quantities of opium from Bengal in the British Crown Colony of India into China. The dual
objective was to favourably alter the balance-of-payments deficit and to foster drug addiction among China's mandarin class. By the time of the American Revolution, East India Company opium trafficking into China was officially reported to be at a scale 20 times the absolute limit of opium required for medical and
related use." ~ quoted from the book, Dope Inc., page 12/13 of https://exopolitics.blogs.com/files/dope-inc.---britains-opium-war-against-the-u.s.-major-expose-of-global-drug-trade-1978.pdf

Perhaps, at this point, it is appropriate to make a very important point:
The British people have no Empire.
They have never had an Empire.

They are, in fact, the number one slave colony of the Roman Empire which never fell but was resurrected, regrouped & rebranded by Roman Senator families hidden in the Venice swamps who later relocated to the City of London for maritime convenience.



“What did not change significantly with that shift from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, was the essential role acquired by Venice.
Venice, once established as a power, remained the centre of the organisation of monetary power, while the outer husk of monetarist power, the Anglo-Dutch maritime interest, became the political and military capital of the Empire.

Venice never gave up that role; it simply transferred some of its functions to the newly constituted London branch, all as a part of the adjustment to the shift from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic field of leading action.” ~ Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. quoted in the introduction to an article entitled THE INTER-ALPHA GROUP - Nation-Killers for Imperial Genocide by John Hoefle.

From the point of view of the rebranded and barely disguised Roman Empire we can clearly see that the Five Eyes nations, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are its primary slave colonies established to provide cannon fodder and labour for its globalist ambition.


So why has the Empire saturated its colonies with mind-numbing narcotics but, simultaneously, declared them internationally illegal?

It is a very good question which can be answered in 3 short statements:

  • Sponsorship and huge black market profit from mass-scale drug addiction and population reduction/control;

  • Excuse to deploy military force, up to and including full-scale conventional warfare;

  • Creation of a global terrorist and organised crime infrastructure and its related black market activities.

The term NARCOTICS is applied to drugs that produce varying degrees of unconsciousness in persons and animals when taken orally or injected into the blood stream.
Narcotics may be roughly divided into two classes: (1) anodynes and (2) hypnotics or soporifics.
Anodynes, that is, opium and its derivatives, are of great therapeutic value, because their proper use relieves suffering by deadening sensitivity to pain; but if misused, they become a serious menace.
Soporifics are used as sedatives without the serious habit-forming quality of the anodyne group.

In 1911, an international conference on the narcotics problem was held at The Hague. The conference participants agreed to regulate the narcotics trade, with the goal in mind of eventual total suppression.

The trade only flourished!

At the close of the First World War in 1918, in the hope that peace could be at last obtained, the League of Nations was born. It was provided in Article 23 of the League Covenant that the members of the League should entrust the League with supervision of agreements with regard to the traffic in opium and other dangerous drugs.
Thus, all parties which had not already done so acceded to The Hague Convention.

Article 23 made the League of Nations the official organ for enforcing the obligations incurred by the signatories to the various peace treaties and for providing measures to carry out The Hague Convention requirements. In 1920, the Advisory Committee on Opium and Other Dangerous Drugs was created to advise the League on matters of international narcotics control within the jurisdiction of the League.

In the years 1919 and 1920, two events of critical strategic importance occurred.
First, the Royal Institute of International Affairs was founded.
The purpose of this institution had been set forth over 40 years before in the last will and testament of African mining magnate Cecil Rhodes.


Rhodes had called for the formation of a "secret society" that would oversee an Empire to incorporate most of the developing world and recapture the United States (see Part II, Section 7 of https://exopolitics.blogs.com/files/dope-inc.---britains-opium-war-against-the-u.s.-major-expose-of-global-drug-trade-1978.pdf ).

Toward this objective, Rhodes's circle, including Rudyard Kipling, Lord Milner, and a group of Oxford College graduates known as "Milner's Kindergarten," constituted the Round Table at the turn of the 20th century. In 1919, the same grouping founded the
Royal Institute of International Affairs as the central planning and recruitment agency for a "one world empire."

On January 6th of the next year, Britain's ruling class silently declared its opium war against the United States.
Americans knew it as the Prohibition.

Prohibition brought the narcotics traffic, the narcotics traffickers and large-scale organised crime into the United States. Illegal alcohol and illegal narcotics made up two different product lines of the same multinational crime network.


The British aristocracy (aka the Black Nobility under Saxe-Coburg & Gotha leadership), through their distilleries in Scotland and Canada, and from their opium refineries in Shanghai and Hong Kong, were the suppliers.
Through their banks in Canada and the Caribbean, the same ruling elite were the financiers. Through their political conduits in the United States, they created the set of political conditions under which the United States might be subdued & won back into the 'British' (Roman) Empire.

Against the outcry of the League of Nations and virtually all the civilised world, the British aristocracy stubbornly fought to maintain opium production in the Far East, expanding the illegal supply of heroin, just as the drug went out of legal circulation in America in 1924.

What was the point of this?

The experiment was aimed at degrading the American people through popular "violation of the law" and association with crime syndicates. In many ways it was successful.
See: Page 45 of the book Dope Inc. https://exopolitics.blogs.com/files/dope-inc.---britains-opium-war-against-the-u.s.-major-expose-of-global-drug-trade-1978.pdf

The British oligarchy did much more than supply the gutter elements of the crime syndicates with their stock in trade.
The Anglophile portion of America's upper crust joined the fun.

Robert Maynard Hutchins, the President of the University of Chicago from 1929 to 1950 had American citizenship, but was so close to the British aristocracy that he became a Knight Commander of Her Majesty's Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem, swearing an oath of chivalric fealty to the head of the order, the British monarch.

Under the guise of "social studies research," several well known University of Chicago postgraduate students received their apprenticeships in the service of the Capone gang:

  • In 1930, University of Chicago graduate student Saul Alinsky, the godfather of the "New Left," entered the Capone Mob in Chicago as the accountant for the gang — at the height of the Prohibition profiteering.

Alinsky went on to be one of the most important British Fabian-modelled social engineers in the United States for the next 30 years, specialising in the creation of synthetic dionysian cults (associated with the dissemination of wine) among the nation's youth and ghetto victims.


Alinsky, in fact, used the organisational model of the Capone Mob to build up a criminal youth gang infrastructure in Chicago during the early 1960s that assumed street-level control over drug trafficking and related criminal operations run 30 years earlier through the Capone gang.

  • In the late 1940s, University of Chicago professor Milton Friedman was installed as President of the Gold Seal Liquor Company — the original Capone enterprise. Friedman soon also assumed the presidency of the Illinois Wholesale Liquor Dealers Association — a position from which he no doubt carried out his first experiments in "free market economics."

  • As late as the 1960s, retired University of Chicago President Hutchins himself was under investigation for his involvement with drug trafficking and other black market enterprises.

The world illegal drug traffic is not only the world's biggest swindle and subversive agency, it is controlled by a single group whose intimate ties of ownership, family and political intrigue originate in the Roman Senate and swamps of Venice.
Presently they seclude themselves behind their selected representatives in every government worldwide.

With the post WW2 emergence of the United Nations, long after the decline of the League of Nations, the Commission on Narcotic Drugs was established but who was really controlling the United Nations?

As can be seen from the symbolism employed, the immoral and deceitful Roman Empire was undergoing another clandestine growth spurt.



The fox is ruling the hen house.
The wolf is herding the sheep.

"Some of them (U.S. troops in Vietnam) are trying
opium. And we are helping them. . . . Do you remember when the West imposed opium on us? They fought us with opium. And we are going to fight them with their own weapons. . . . The effect this demoralisation is going to have on the United States will be far greater than anyone realises." ~ Chinese Prime Minister Chou En-lai, in conversation with Egyptian President Nasser, June 1965.
He was obviously one of the "selected".....

The 'War on Drugs' implemented in the 1970s by Nixon was hopelessly outgunned and ignorant of the Roman/Black Nobility Empire, the international crime syndicate it supports, the entire underpinnings of the Eurodollar market and the economy of the People's Republic of China.

Not only is illegal drug traffic under the control of a single worldwide network, but opiates traffic in particular is without doubt the best-controlled production and distribution system of any commodity in international trade, illegal or legal.

De Beers' Central Selling Organisation's 85% control of world diamond wholesaling — an example not irrelevant to the drug trade — pales by comparison to the orderly marketing arrangements for heroin.

So why were US troops recently withdrawn from Afghanistan?

Look it up online and you will see heaps of articles and commentaries in the media giving all manner of excuses, but few mention the copious poppy fields they had been guarding.


The Taliban prohibited opium production, the last time they were in power in Afghanistan, so it is safe to assume that they will do the same again.

Doesn't the Globalist Criminal Empire or their Inter-Alpha banking cartel need that crop any more?

Obviously not.

Synthetic heroin such as fentanyl is flooding the market and causing havoc. It is only one of many designer synthetic and highly toxic drugs being produced by our pharmaceutical corporations.

Do I need to say who owns them?

Fentanyl was first synthesised by a Belgian physician named Paul Jannsen. Soon after it was initially synthesised, McNeil Laboratories, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, began producing fentanyl citrate.

In its prescription form, fentanyl is known by such names as Actiq®, Duragesic®, and Sublimaze®.

The illegally used fentanyl, most often associated with overdoses, is sold on the enormous black market as a powder, dropped onto blotter paper, put in eye droppers and nasal sprays, or made into pills that look like other prescription opioids.


Synthetic opioids, including fentanyl, are now the most common drugs involved in drug overdose deaths in the United States. In 2017, 59.8 percent of opioid-related deaths involved fentanyl compared to 14.3 percent in 2010.
It’s about 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine. Synthetic opioids can be made to be much more powerful than natural derivatives of the opium poppy. This is typically done to improve efficacy and cut costs. A fentanyl analog called carfentanil is 10,000 times more powerful than heroin, and it’s used to tranquilise elephants.

It should be noted that the cannon fodder of the Five Eyes Nations (as mentioned earlier) are now surplus to requirements in this totalitarian space age robotic technocracy.
We are no longer required to grease the wheels of outrageous fortunes.

We are required to die quietly in a pharmaceutically drugged stupor - one way or another.


I think I have provided enough information for you to glimpse one stark aspect of the murderous immoral racketeering we are witnessing worldwide.
Hence the title of this article is:


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"The EU and North America are now about to fall to this covert group and coffee has plenty to do with this stealth attack, as do all the other health and strength destroying chemicals/narcotics that are smuggled into our society. These health destroying compounds are brought into our society purposely, in order to bring about its downfall and our subjugation to an enemy most know nothing about."


Coffee and vaccines are the elite’s 1-2 punch within “operation brain damage” down here on the human farm. The best slave is a brain damaged slave, unable to think or care for themselves without the help from slave master.

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I am so fed up of British historians referring to "British" foreign policies as if they are "British".
They never have been

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