First dream of 2022

The scene was busy.


A street, bustling with people surging in and out of shops, laughing and smiling. The conversations were loaded with lies. Everything was untrue. The advertising all over the buildings was deceptive and exaggerated, glaringly vulgar, offensive and gaudy.

A couple stopped to ask me the age of the buildings opposite. They had American accents.


I stared at the row of Victorian terraced houses and said, confidently "Oh they are at least 2,500 years old!" Knowingly lying with a sweet smile. They were suitably impressed.

I continued on my way and entered a shop where I pretended to be a shop assistant, misdirecting and misinforming all the customers. I was highly amused by this game for a while!

Then it dawned on me that the lying environment had influenced me into a deliberate deceptive behaviour and I began to feel very uncomfortable. I fled the shop and ran away from the shopping centre until I found an unusual large solid oak door that I recognised as mine.


I unlocked and pushed the door open with great difficulty, entering a corridor. I turned, closed the door with a bang and stood, breathless with relief, staring at the beautiful wooden door, savouring the peaceful silence.....

I awoke from this dream, happy that I had escaped the clamour of lies. I was glad that I had found the doorway to a better place.

Perhaps this dream reflects my decision to reject all forms of social media, a decision I had been considering just before going to bed..... I wonder where the silent corridor will lead me in 2022?


Honestly, I was kinda disappointed that I didn't manage to walk through another door when I passed out yesterday from lack of oxygen.

I guess my maker was telling me that my duties aren't yet done and was kicked back into this life.

Hope we would be able to walk through that door to another place and life.

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