Physical, Audios Or Ebooks - which works best for you?

in #proofofbrain5 months ago

There are now numerous ways to enjoy the contents from a book. You can be a physical book maxi, audiobook listener or an ebook(er) consumer, learning behind your screen.

Which ever ways all are quite a good option and better than not reading and not listening to anything at all. These days people find it more easier to criticize modes of consuming things like books, contents and information entirely.
The old school grandpa would say he love the feel of the paper, and him swiping each one with his fingers from one page tp anothet while the audio book listener would consider listening to an audiobook in the comfort of his car while driving is a perfect choice for him.

Some would even go as far as to say reading an eBook is not considered the same with the physical copy, even tho both involves reading unless that one involves an electronic device while the other(physical book) isn't .

But to know which or who is right would really create a mess and us making a huge mistake because both mediums- physical or electronical - either books, ebooks or audios are just mediums for transmitting information and tecnology as we see it is making it more easier to get books than before.

We should know that what matters is that we get the information instead of having to judge how the information is passed across, thru a phone call, a text or in person.

What matter is the information itself and not the medium of transmission. However we as humans all have our preferred choices on things but whats good for one does not always imply it is good for all.

Reading a physical copy can be what does it for some while an audiobook does It better for others but as long as the message and information is passed acroas I don't see any error in that.

However kowing whats best for us and what's not can be an uneasy thing to figure out, so its best to try each one out and see which seems to go well and smooth for out learning process and you may be surprised what you'll figure out. Sometimes you may realize both works well for you.

Which do you prefer?
Physical or electronic ? Let me know in the comments.