The Creator’s Struggle - Dealing With Mental Block


When you are trying to make in the content creation world, whatever medium you find yourself in, you will inevitably hit what is commonly referred to as ‘writer’s block’.

It happens to the best of us. It certainly happens to me, more than I really want it to. I love being able to express myself freely, and thankfully finding a platform that actually rewards me for my efforts. At least sometimes...

The Struggle Is Real

And that is where the struggle seems to come into play. At least for me, it’s finding the balance between content that I find valuable, and creating content that others are also going to find valuable. It’s a hard line because allot of times the content that people are wanting to read or watch, you have no desire to create. Or you are out there seeing how much others are making for what seems like not allot of work, and you put in a ton of time and effort into a post for it to basically just get ignored. It's a hard pill to swallow at times and can really bring you down.

Take for instance all the global nonsense going on in the last couple of years. I have honestly had no desire to write or report on any of it because it is so shoved in our faces all the time. From every flipping direction. So what else would I bring to the table on these subjects? Not much… For me, if all I am worried about is what type of content is going to get you more or more valuable upvotes or clicks, I would never get to produce any of the content I actually want to create.

Create What Makes You Happy... There Is Enough Depression Out There For Everyone

I for one would be miserable if all I was doing was writing or making videos about the news, politics, war, etc. It already makes me depressed, but I feel that if I were to start down that content creation rabbit hole, I would become a freaking nervous wreck.

That is why I am focused now more than ever on creating content I want to create. Whether it be a written blog for this account, @hivehustlers, or @hivelist, or a mix of written posts or videos for or a music video or audio recording for @groove-logic and @blocktunes, I am going to be creating the content that I want to create! Maybe in my crazy rambling videos or posts, you will find some value that can help keep me going and help pay the bills, lol. Because aren't we all here to gain some kind of monetary gains?

If All You Worry About Are Upvotes... You Will Not Have a Good Time...

If the community doesn’t value my content the way I hope they would, then honestly there is nothing I can do but keep making more content and trying to improve and increase my reach to people that do want to consume my content and find value in it. What would be even more helpful is if the community would actually engage in posts and give some solid constructive feedback. That kind of thing is always helpful for beginning content creators.

Many times people just go on rants and talk about how bad the platform sucks because their content didn't earn or even got downvoted, but do not ask what it is that they could improve on. So it really goes both ways. It's called engagement and communication.

Dealing With Over Saturated Categories and Topics

It’s tough out here in this space because so many people are trying their hand at becoming full time content creators that now even Hive is starting ti feel over saturated with the same kind of content. This makes it tough to be creative when everyone is making the same kind of content. It can be a fun challenge to try and do things differently, but then how different is it really from what is already out there. It’s a struggle, and one I have been battling for a time now.

One reason I create content on different branded accounts is to have some variety in my creation. Admittedly, it can get a bit too much to handle at times, but it brings a spice to my content life.

Building Engagement Is KEY!!! Curate More Than You Create

It’s also not all about my content. One thing I have found that helps me when I get these creative blocks is to go and just absorb other people’s content. This gives the opportunity for you to possibly learn something from someone else or to just get ideas on how to improve or adjust your content style.

Not only that, but you can actually create and build relationships this way. I have found that the more I focus on curating other peoples content and engaging with it, the more followers I have created. Followers are the most valuable form of engagement because you are building trust with that person and they will continue to come back for your content again and again. Not only can they help you in your journey, but maybe they can learn something from you that can help them on their's.

Finding YOUR Special Sauce

So it’s a fine balance of many spinning plates to make it in this crazy world. Some people have that special sauce and others don’t quite have it. All you can do is try to figure out what kind of sauce you are made of and try to improve your flavors at every opportunity you can!

Okay, now I am getting hungry, lol.

All I Am Trying To Say Is...

The fact is that sometimes it’s best when you hit the writer’s wall, to just get outside of your head. Allot of times that means actually getting off the computer and spending some time outside… the house, lol. This works for me more than anything because I find peace and inspiration in nature. Gives me all kind of content ideas when I can just sit and think without any stresses from the outside world getting in my way!

Getting outside your head again sometimes means getting into someone else’s! Again this means get out there and actually consume and engage in other people’s content. You never know what kind of connections and friendships you can make!

Most importantly, just remember to enjoy life because really none of this social crap really matters. Educate yourself in many real world skills, live and love as much as you can, and just have fun! Nobody is promised tomorrow so you might as well just do and create what you love!

Life is short, enjoy it!

If you made it this far into my ramblings, you are a super star! Thanks for reading!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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Hey there, I found your article very helpful as I am struggling too with what content should I focus on more! I really enjoy writing about games but I would like to move on to some other type of content as well! You really inspired me to try to make at least a plan about it!

Awesome! Thanks for reading! Glad I could help you find some direction. Now if I can find some, we’ll be all good, lol.

It took me a little time to properly attend to your post here. Writer's block: Interesting. As long as I'm writing publicly (which started with Steemit), I never experienced such a block. Every single day I come across multiple topics that I can write a post about.

However, I must admit, last year or two am much less active in writing posts. I feel the community is falling apart, and the money-grabbing thing is increasing. Somehow that puts me off. That said, am daily curating mostly the music corners, but also outside music, since also the music corners start to become more of a post-drop and money-grabbing thing. So few peeps engage, and when they do, many without something 'meaningful', whatever that means. It doesn't have to be in-depth comments, can also be something funny or whatever. The number of users that only respond with "thank you" and variations thereof is staggering. And the amount of post-droppers is increasing b the day, so it seems to me.

I think we shall try an experiment. Stop giving out monetary rewards for a quarter and see who stays active on HIVE. Those who stay active, make the value for the HIVE token in my opinion. The rest are leeching so to speak, taking advantage of those giving value to the token. For sure, the HIVE token gets its value also from a lot of other projects that have nothing to do with social networking. Maybe most of HIVE's value comes from non-blogging services, who knows. Well, when we experiment with a 100% halt in monetary rewards for blog posts, maybe we start to learn how important blogging services are for the value to HIVE :)

I agree with allot of that. People do come in and just post drop, that has always been an issue. Engage is also a bit of a problem, but I will say that I still get WAY more engagement on Hive than I do any other social media network.

I said this in a previous interview that Hive is a small circle, but that’s not always a bad thing. I think that people that are just here for the money will end up filtering themselves out.

And no, I disagree with the monetization idea because I am living on this right now. Lol. For those that you don’t feel need monetization, that’s where downvotes come into play. Or just ignore them and after a long enough time they will go away.

At least that is why I have seen, and those that don’t, yeah well there are turds everywhere. Lol. Thanks for the well thought out comment.

As far as writers block… it may not happen to everyone, but for some, it does. There may be allot to write about, but is it what I want to write about, that is the question.

Oops, just living from HIVE reward isn't what I would advise. For sure not for mid to longer-term, since crypto/reward-based blogging maybe proven itself not working.
When I came onboard like 5 years ago, I had the thought: Maybe this can be my income, but then released quickly this could never be my choice. The rewards that needs to be shared was too little for me to be able to sustain a basic living, basic to what I feel comfortable with. Then I thought trading in crypto could gve me that, but either I suck at it, or one need a longer view, I dont know. Turns out I'm much more comfortable with long(er) term investing which in the end is monetisation long(er) term :) So I decided crypto at all aspects will not be my prime source of income :) You are bold, for sure!

It’s not the only source but it’s been a decent one so far. I want to prove it can be done. Hive is also not the only platform I earn on as well. So it’s a balance. My biggest fault is havjng so much locked up so I am moving things into more liquid investments like LP that earns a high yield but is still there if I need it.

👍 👍 👍