Wednesday Walk with Me in Miami Beach

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Over the course of the last year - two years now, I think - there has been precious little in the way of traveling anywhere. Sometimes I felt lucky just to go downstate.

There was a business trip planned back in January, for a full week, in Miami. That trip ended up Covid-scuttled and postponed until this week. Instead of a full week in Miami, however, the trip was reduced to just two full days. Alas.

And full they were! I got into Miami late Monday night, had a full day on Tuesday, and ended up making a point of skipping out of a session on Wednesday to go enjoy the sun.

So, come with me down the long path down Miami Beach. The hotel had bikes to borrow, so I rode, not walked, but I did stop occasionally for photos.

The first thing that caught my eye, of course, was a fire hydrant. Isn't it cute? I haven't taken a picture of a fire hydrant in a while, so I feel somewhat pleased now.


This is the long path. It really is long. Miles. Miles. Beautiful. The beach is to one side and the hotels and restaurants are on the other. It's either the left or the right side, depending on which side you're facing.


The beach is also home to a number of cat colonies. There are cats everywhere.


But... beach! I'm at the beach, and that's what the photos ought to be of.





This week happened to be spring break for a lot of students, so there were people absolutely everywhere. Old people. Young people. Large people. Small people. Gay people. Straight people. Everyone you might think of, all out enjoying the sun and the day. No one cared who you were or what you were doing as long as you weren't bothering anyone else. It was awesome. I stayed a bit at a volleyball court to watch these young kids try to play volleyball.


This was the point I stopped to turn around. I had been riding about about 35 minutes and knew I'd need to get back to the hotel for a shower before dinner.




Here was the champion, all terrain, super versatile bike that the hotel had to borrow. I tried to ride on the sand, quite unsuccessfully. It was a far cry from my mountain bike but it was definitely a bike, and it was awesome to get out and ride!


I did find one small spot of beach that wasn't overcrowded with people. I would have stayed, but did need to get ready for the company dinner.


And one last picture, from well after the walk; the view from the roof of the restaurant where the company dinner was.


The walk did not end there! A few of us walked back to the hotel, about 2 miles from the restaurant. I learned a few Bulgarian curses on the way. Now that's what I call a success!

#wednesdaywalk is a tag organised by my good friend @tattoo-djay. It's a day to enjoy getting outside, walking about, and getting the limbs moving. I don't get to do this nearly enough.

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That view from the restaurant is awesome, and how cool that the hotel had loaner bikes and cool you managed to sneak out of a session and enjoy some time in the sun by the beaches

I can relate though many of the work trips I did over the years, to some very interesting, and some very scary for that matter places, it was all work with long days and only free time late at night and so I never got to explore, work really does get in the way of our fun sometimes lOl

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

It was certainly nice to get out. I was ribbed a little for it at the company dinner that night ("So, how did you like that last session?" and so forth), but considering the last session was solely a sales pipeline session, I think I came out ahead.

I think you came out ahead as well, well worth some ribbing :)

I cannot believe I missed this! I have been waiting for some cool beach shots, isn't it glorious there? I am so glad that you got out and enjoyed some rum-infused Vitamin D, I hear it is the best they have on offer there!

The last shot is amazing and the night lights are so beautiful! The day shots are in some ways better because I know you were enjoying yourself! Not that you weren't at night, but, was there wind in your hair and salt the roar of the ocean in your ears? You #wednesdaywalk is just the way I would like to spend many of my days, even though I never want to live in Florida again! Twice burned on that assignment, now, I just like being a visitor.

Great pictures and I love the bike! Many of the Airbnb also have bikes, like many of the beachside hotels. It makes life close to perfect. Did you get any bit burned??

I got in no way burned at all! I think that ride was the only sunshine I saw the entire trip. honestly, I'm bummed, but there is nothing to be done about it. At least I got to get out the once!

As I was riding by the beach volleyball and workout areas I had briefly considered taking more pictures for a #meatmarketfriday post, but felt that this post would be enough. 😁

This was a great post! I was sorry I missed it when it came out!

I'm glad you got out too! I've been on trips that i didnt get any time and I know it's their nickel. If not on a project, I have asked to extend a day or two for sightseeing. I have only been turned down twice.

Omg!! I just caught the #MeatMarketFriday !!! Lol That might have been hysterical! I actually cannot believe that nobody has done one yet. Thankfully in some of their cases.

I love this post because it feels like the last 2 years have been well, at times,.....hellish
It's life affirming and I'd think a lot of us need that right now . The post of the bike is sweeeeeeeet, glad this walk with me initiative is still kickin'. It's a good one imho , take care u :)

Cool pics! They made me think I haven't been to Miami in 3 years now. During my last visit, I so wanted to move there. I almost did ;0)