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Logo design contest

Our design contest has concluded, and our jury chose the concept of @wlffreitas as the winner of the 50 HBD first prize. Congratulations!

The chosen logo concept

As a token of appreciation, the other participants (@moretea @Davot @etorobong @mbracho @ryosai) will receive 5 HBD. Thank you for submitting your ideas!

@wlffreitas has agreed to join our team, and will hopefully have a big impact on the visual presentation of Hive's web3 wiki in the future.

"Edit Of The Week" contest

A wiki without articles is just an empty website. The team is still small, and writing a good wiki article with a good structure and references is not effortless. To speed up the growth of the wiki and inventivize more authors to join in, we decided to hold a regular "Edit Of The Week" contest with a prize of 25 HBD.
Each weekend we'll present you with the best new articles or article edits of the last 7 days, and have a vote on the winner (exact details still need to be fleshed out). In addition to that, we will declare an editor of the month at the end of each month, who will receive 50 HBD.

Don't let this opportunity pass - request your editor authorization now. While you can do that with a comment, it would be much better to join our Discord where we can help you set up keychain, coordinate articles and can give some good advice on form and contents.

See you soon and Hive on!


To speed up the growth of the wiki and inventivize more authors to join in, we decided to hold a regular "Edit Of The Week" contest with a prize of 25 HBD.

I think, we should inventivize it better, if you get people who can prove to write good, then may be utilize DHF proposal to pay them ?

Anyone can create a DHF proposal for anything. Wouldn't need us as middlemen.

My point was on the project, not individuals.

I don't feel like that's how a community wiki should operate. It would come with so many questions about who gets paid how much for what, definitely not something I'd want to handle.

I really appreciate the opportunity to contribute in some way to this Propolis Wiki Web3 project. This weekly challenge is a great incentive for writers to share their great work by contributing articles.

i would like to have the publisher's authorization. i am already in your discord.

A pity that not the red Hive logo is part of propolis. Would be much better in terms of branding of Hive. We anyway lack visibility and are additionally handicapped with the generic name "Hive" which appears everywhere.

The name Hive on the Web is too generic to be shared as something related, see this:

I think not only me, but some people don't like that name Hive, even though we are here. It's even difficult to find Hive in search engines, other results like the sites above always appear, it's a bad advertiser

Calling this blockchain Hive was not a clever move. I cannot believe no name research was done.

Indeed, my comment was more about the logo, why it is completely different than our red Hive logo. Especially as the name is so generic, the style/branding continuity is even more important.

But it comes down to what I said, Propolis is a wiki which utilizes the Hive blockchain for data storage. It's not entirely focused on Hive, although it will be filled with content about Hive.
That's why we don't use Hive colors.

I see, I thought it´s aim is to be a wiki about Hive. Ok, in this case of course makes no sense to use the Hive logo.
But what is then the aim? To compete with Wikipedia? Why would someone use propolis if nothing is there, and even if all Hivers write one articel for propolis per day for a year, we still would have only a fraction of the volume of wikepedia!

It doesn't make sense to compete with a giant like that. Wikipedia's relevancy rules are very strict, and there are a multitude of other reasons besides that why people might not want to use it.
If we're looking for competition, I'd point to

I would like to be included as editor. I joined also the Discord channel.
Already on the Hive startpage there are typos.

Hi, congratulations for the Propolis Wiki! I'm interested in participate as an editor! As I commented here before, long time ago before the hardfork I was a @someguy123's wiki ( contributor. Keep safe, thanks and good luck again!

I would really like to be a part this team

Love this initiative.. Please I would like to know more about project HoW well n better can someone who has zero idea on this contribute better with awesome creative ideas

I started writing an article with guidelines for editors. It's not on the wiki yet, but can be seen and extended by anyone on hackmd before it's published soon.
Coordination of this and other articles happens on discord.

Thank you for your witness vote!
Have a !BEER on me!
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Hey @pharesim, here is a little bit of BEER from @isnochys for you. Enjoy it!

Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.

I would like to be an editor.

I added you to the authorized accounts
You need to add propolis.eng to your keychain, with the "use authorized account" option
Please only use the interface to post and edit, as we need some additional metadata.
Join the discord if there are any open questions.

Thank you. I have joined the discord server already.

Hey, put me down as an editor, I am happy to add some technical documents and how too’s. I am already in the discord group.

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