Let's push Hive to the next level with Advertising

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The Best Blockchain Community

Hive users know exactly what I am talking about when I saw the we have the best blockchain community out there. From all of the various community fundraisers, charity initiatives, discord servers and festivals/meetups there is no doubt in each one of our minds that we lead the way in community.

Since the start of my Hive experience I have been met with open arms and have been welcomed in to this community. So much so that I truly feel like I am part of a giant family and for this I thank each and every one of you! Hive is truly the best community among all of the chains.

That being said, we need to share this experience with everyone out there but our efforts have still not made a huge impact in the Blockchain universe.

Help me grow our family properly!


I am active on twitter as many of you probably know and I have been able to make some headway however this is only due to the fact that I have payed for advertising. The Hive Blockchain may have a bunch apps and frontends but what we are lacking is more exposure. We need to put Hive back on the map among the other blockchains because even though we have the strongest community, a bunch of apps, fastest transaction speeds and basically zero fees it is not enough.

I propose that we start hiring shills/influencers to spread the word about Hive. With one of the main topics on social media being the constant shadow bans and censorship issues I think Hive has an opportunity to really shine!

This part of the proposal is simple in the fact that we just pay for advertising and pay the different influencers on the various platforms to talk about us and share our Blockchain with their fanbase. I know this works but it is typically very expensive! So much so that we need to come together and fund a proposal.

Help me fund Advertising!


Giveaways are a great way to raise awareness and also a great way to give to the community which supports us and it provides a way for newcomers to get a taste of the platforms. These giveaways have to have an impact however not 5 Hive or 50 Hive I'm talking 1000's. Along with the proposed advertising I suggest we also do major giveaways for potential newcomers to our Blockchain. We could do daily, weekly and monthly giveaways to these users for joining Hive and posting. I know this is a great way to raise awareness because I have seen it work over and over again plus who doesn't like a giveaway! My hope is that users will be willing to join Hive, play the various games and use the exchange with a little bit of money in their pocket.

Help me fund Giveaways!


I am 100 percent open to using the funds raised from this proposal in any number of ways as long as we are getting more users join the platform and people talking about us. If you want to be part of this initiative please vote this proposal and put suggestions in the comments. You can also find me in the various discord servers or in AltspaceVR! Don't be shy, lets use the power of our Blockchain and community to make this the greatest platform out there!

Suggestions are always welcome!

Proposal Funding

I really need your help by simply voting this proposal in order to pay for advertising, influencers and giveaways! Please share this proposal with everyone you know so we can get this started immediately. I'm asking for 250 HBD which is not as much as you think when it comes to advertising but know that every single HBD is going to go directly to strengthening and growing our community.

Let's share Hive with the world!

HBD will go to:

Paying "shills" on twitter, instagram and youtube
Giveaways on the various platforms
Advertising on platforms such as state of the dapps and dappradar etc..
Upvote initiatives

Am I just going to use this money for myself? Good question but I do not need to do that and absolutely will not do that. I am going to create weekly reports with how much HBD is being spent where and when in order to stay completely transparent. I do think it is fair that I get rewarded for my efforts but my incidentals will be very low and any HBD I would keep will be powered up so I can support new user posts in a more meaningful way. Some of you have already seen what I do for Blockchain with The Cryptocurrency Generation meetup in AltspaceVR and I am sincere in my dedication to the crypto space and Hive.

I have been around for a couple of years now on Hive and many of you have met and interacted with me, some even in person and many users can vouch for me. Please fund this proposal and lets take HIVE to the top where it deserves to be!

Support This Proposal

I know some of you may think this proposal is a joke but please don't rip me a new one, I'm sensitive dude and I do really care about Hive. I completely understand if you don't want to fund this. I just figured I would give it a shot!



Won't be voting for this, because there's no way to measure the impact of pissing money on influencers, sure they can get views but what's the CAC here? If you can provide a projected CAC and then yes, also there's no guarantee that those users will invest time and money into HIVE, just seems like throwing good money after bad efforts.

As a marketer myself, I know the pain of digital and the need for streamlining to get the highest quality leads at the lowest cost, is a difficult endeavour.

Thanks for the insightful comment! I totally agree that there is no way to measure how well something like this would work or that users would even stick around even if they did come here and start to post. As a marketer I would love some ideas though! How would you handle promoting HIVE and getting people to actually use it and at best stick around? Maybe using money for "bad efforts" is a way to look at it but it is an effort nonetheless. If we could all brainstorm and figure out a good way to do this kind of thing I think our time would be well spent. I am willing to dedicate more than my fair share of time doing anything to get this place the credit it deserves. I've been in blockchain for many years and I've seen absolute garbage come and go but this blockchain has delivered and is continuing to grow, just not at the rate it needs to be IMO.

Thanks again for your remarks and I appreciate any ideas you have. I'm not a professional marketer I just care about the communities and the people that have spent countless hours making HIVE what it is today. It tears me apart when I see people spend much of their daily lives devoted to something and get almost zero recognition for it especially when I know what they are doing is legit and deserves the attention.

I've voted because you seem like a decent guy with decent intentions and I enjoyed your talk at Hivefest AND we need SOMETHING....but I'm so far, I am doubtful of the methods you mention. "Hiring Shills" doesn't sound like a great way to attract people who bring something to the community. It sounds like a way to get a bad reputation. I know more word of mouth is what we need but we don't want to invite a whole shit storm of spam and scams back here and be known for hiring shills, we had enough of that with steem. That'll all come eventually but I think we need a bigger core first.

Also giving away Hive will not necessarily get people interested in Hive, I think more likely, people will just see "FREE CRYPTO" and when they win they'll just trade it for bitcoin right away.

The best use of your money will be to reward hive users to do better work at getting the word out without being spammy...

I've been trying to get Hive members to leave sincere comments with substance on youtube that mention Hive as a side-note and then we like each others comments. The only problem with this is that youtube will block links. It seems we can get around that by typing "hive . blog" or "3speak . co" with a space in between. Youtube comments is how I (and many others) found steem. I think it's way more effective than twitter.

Another idea is to promote individual users off hive who will actively promote hive (once again, without being spammy). There are many ways you can do this. You can promote some artists hive pages off hive after they win some contest or are nominated by many people. You could also find someone to do a better voiceover for that hive ad that went trending a few days ago and then use the money to promote that ad.

The fact is, very few people will trust "Free internet money" and those who do already knew about steem and lost trust in it, so we need to market the community, and we don't do that by constantly saying "HIVE HIVE HIVE HIVE" we do that by doing fun stuff that people notice and then saying "oh yeah, theres lots more of this at hive"

Another idea...you could make a proposal just for promotion of your game (maybe a smaller amount for now cause hive is so low) and then promote it any way you want. I'd vote for it. Is that frowned upon? It shouldn't be. I think the DAO should be giving money to any decent project that doesn't have the funds for self promotion, as long as they prove they are using the funds well.

Thank you so much for your response and your points are completely valid. I do agree with what you said and unfortunately it does seem true that people will just dump free money :( It's also true that these so called shills will attract a ton of spam users which, like you mentioned, we had enough trouble with on steem.

I really love Another idea is to promote individual users off hive who will actively promote hive (once again, without being spammy). There are many ways you can do this. You can promote some artists hive pages off hive after they win some contest or are nominated by many people. You could also find someone to do a better voiceover for that hive ad that went trending a few days ago and then use the money to promote that ad. A couple of the users that come to mind are @nathanmars and @traciyork, who have been doing fantastic work on twitter and there are of course others that we could also reward.

At this point it doesn't seem likely that my proposal will be funded and that is fine with me but lets stick our heads together and come up with fun ways of doing something to raise awareness. I know @hivebuzz is working on something pretty fun involving AltspaceVR and maybe that is a good starting point. I also run a cryptocurrency meetup in AltspaceVR which I use to educate normies on the crypto space with weekly speakers. I talk about Hive on there quite a bit and have been able to get a couple users to join. I'd really love to do something to make the space grow cause as I mentioned now is the time for Hive to shine but sadly I really only know how to do that with advertising and giveaways at the moment. Again, I love what you mentioned about incentivizing our own users and getting a better voiceover person for the recent ad. I'm in the PAL discord under the handle Danny Qwoyn if you want to chat further about this.

As far as using it to promote Hashkings or even hiring some much needed developers and Unity I would be honored if such a proposal was accepted but sadly I've tried to get funding for @hashkings and I don't know if it's because it is cannabis related by I have not succeeded in that. When I get some more funds though I would be willing to give it another shot.

Thanks for the suggestions and kind words and I'm glad you enjoyed the talk I gave even though it was so short.

Nathan already has a hive proposal out. I think he manages somehow, guys a machine! I honestly wish I could get him to move his attention to youtube comments....I don't know why people aren't jumping on that idea, I've tried pushing it so many times. I feel twitter is such wasted energy and actually talking about Hive all the time is also wasted energy. The best thing we can do for Hive is to be active on and off chain and make funnels from off chain to on chain. Rather than make a youtbe channel about Hive, I think we need youtube channels about various topics that gain some popularity and mention Hive.

I think it's a shame we have a few people with youtube channels that have 10k+ followers and they don't mention hive in all their videos, just at the end "you can follow me on Hive, it's way cooler than here". I think we should reward people for "building their brand" (I hate that expression) off Hive and using it to bring people onboard casually.

Youtube comments are even more effective cause they target the audience of the video, not only the content creator. I think this will be easier with 3speak when it starts it's new app cause it's a lot easier to google than Hive.

Maybe if you try another proposal for @hashkings that is less ambitious, I don't know how much you asked for but it seems you'll be more likely to receive if you ask for less.

It would be great to get big HP support for something but if you wanna talk about how we can put our resources together, let me know. I'll message you. I don't have much time cause I'm spread so thin, but I have lots of LOTUS and WEEDCASH I can delegate, I could delegate 1000+ hive to a few people as rewards for some kind of contest, and also I run @crossculture which can give a few upvotes a week (along with my private account we can give out $0.50 -$1 upvotes.

Thanks! Yeah I think @nathanmars does great work on twitter. The youtube stuff is exactly what I was talking about with the influencers bit but they don't come cheap at all. Blocktrades seems to think that my proposal is reasonable check it out! :)

As far as Hashkings is concerned, hit me up on Discord, lets chat. I know the lotus team and Richard personally, great people.

i don't mean paying people to push Hive, I mean encouraging Hivesters to expend their presence off Hive and occasionally mentioning Hive. We don't have to pay people who aren't already part of the community. It'd be more like POSH upvotes on twitter

Such a stupid graphics is antiads for hive.

What's your Twitter handle?

@etherchest <--- twitter handle

Ahh, gotcha! Like, literally - now following you on my personal and @hiveblogshare accounts. 😊

Great! Thank you!

Voted because Quan

Thanks dude! There can be only qwoyn

I will vote and want to wish you well in doing all the proposal enholds

Thank you, I will see if I can implement something that will work great and not attract spammers to the platform

Spammers will be dealt with aswell


I'm a big fan of the idea, and gave a vote for the proposal. I think the idea of giveaways as an incentive for new users is a good one, but I don't think it would need to be in the 1000's. I can say, as a fairly new user, that just 200 Hive would be plenty for most people to enjoy a pretty in-depth interaction with the blockchain, though I have no experience with any of the gaming.

Of course, people who come here for the gaming start out with very different set of goals for their time on Hive than people who come here for the blogs. Is there a way to offer different incentive packages at signup, according to what people are coming here for?

Thanks for the insight, I would definitely consider different incentives for different uses of the chain. Like I said, I'm completely open to ideas and thanks again for voting! :)

I want SMTs on layer 1 before I can vote marketing proposals. I don't doubt you would do a good job.

I appreciate that! I've been trying really hard, I don't have all the answers but I know I'm part of something fantastic that needs to be shared with the world!

Good Idea! We can do so much together.

LG Michael


Thank you, as I mentioned in a comment below. If we put our heads together I think we can achieve something great!

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You might be interested in an alt proof of concept I'm working on for onboarding content creators with advertising revenues. No plans on making this a proposal thingy, as my time resources are way to chunky for that (20+ hours one week, than two weeks zero, etc), but I do think that once its working, it could be suitable for a few devs who do have more structual time resources at their disposal to base a proposal on.

Oh that's great! I'd be willing to help when the time is right. :) My proposal might be able to help with that as well, really anything to get more users on Hive and gets it the recognition it deserves is welcomed by me. As you can tell from the comments, people have different philosophies on this so I am very flexible. The proposal only runs for another 61 days but we are a 3rd of the way there!

I am a fan of the concept of marketing HIVE, however there's not a lot of substance to this proposal, and really no indication how you intend to keep the community informed as to what you are doing to give us value for the money. Who is providing oversight? I'm not a fan of throwing funds into black boxes if you take my meaning, and we have historically had a lot of that in the past.

I get your point. It's a shame people have taken advantage of this in the past and honestly I'm over it, especially if I'm going to be judged by the actions of others. Thanks for your insight though, see you around!

I would gladly advertise for HIVE.
Here are a few things I think (being a total noob at HIVE) I would need to do so:
Advertising materials - banners with the HIVE logo and some with one line benefits of using HIVE. " Tired of being banned ?" "Miss your freedom of speech?" etc.

Make / find ONE simple way of joining that has the less amount of hurdles. FB, Twit and the rest got so huge because they made it easy to get on them. We need to do the same. This may exist already and I just don't remember - I was looking for a replacement for FB and the rest and looked at a ton of different places - so kinda forget the sign up process.

And FYI - I found HIVE due to a video on YT - so maybe do a poll and see how current members found HIVE in the first place and go for more of that. Hope this helps :)