We The Survivors - A PsyberX Origin Story

I am sure if you have been around HIVE for the past month you have seen this upcoming game around. PsyberX is an adrenaline-pumping, endorphin-nitro induced PlaytoEarn (P2E) First Player Shooter (FPS) game where gamers strike fear in their opponents through various battle match configurations including the all-out battle royale.


As the pieces are coming together our pal @bobthebuilder2 came up with a great idea to let the community help write the backstory of the PsyberX Metaverse with a storytelling contest. You can find out more about the contest HERE

Personally I enjoy writing but my science fiction creative brain is not the best. The answer: call in my super imaginative 12-year old sci-fi worshiping daughter to help me create the story. Honestly, she did most of the writing. I just handled some editing and added some graphics.
Please enjoy as the story starts below:


We've been living in this house for a few years. Nothing would have really prepared me for what was about to happen. Sure, they told us that if a disaster ever hit that we'd just have to hide in our basement and put on gas masks...that everything would blow over quickly. That's not exactly how it happened.

I was sweeping the floor in my kitchen, occasionally glancing out the kitchen window to catch glimpses of the green hillsides and to enjoy the singing of the birds nearby. With a ponytail and whispies falling at my cheeks, my three little children were playing in the living room.

It was at this moment, while I was leaning against my broom with a sun-splashed warmth coating my dress and apron, that I saw a flash of light. Almost immediately there was a plume of green and purple smoke shooting up with an orange tinged halo near the origin of the flash.



I grabbed my kids @dynamicrypto and @kotenoke hands. I wanted to know what the explosion was, but there was no time to think. I opened the basement door. The kids ran inside and I was about to follow when something crashed through the window. It was some strange metal with wires sticking out and a visor as black as night. It had no legs, but it began to crawl towards me anyway. I quickly ran to the basement and locked the door tight. What the heck was that!?!?

The kids faces were a mix between fear and confusion. I told them to sit down and put on a gas mask like we had been told. Hopefully this would all be over soon.

Time passed slowly. We were in there for at least 24 hours when there was a knock on the door. It was probably reckless but I opened the door slightly to take a look. Fortunately it wasn't some metal monster, but an old friend of mine, @solymi. His face was hidden wearing a gas mask, but his voice was comforting. The machines were no longer there.

Seeing my flustered confusion he slowly turned around. I was about to tell him it was nothing and to come in when 3 metal robots limped inside behind him. Not good.

*images courtesy of the PsyberX team.

We were able to fight off those damaged machines and learned a lot about them. I was able to rebuild one of the machines and reformat his programming. This pet became known as @bobthebuilder2. He has also helped us fight off some of the not so friendly survivors that are now fighting for their own lives without concern for other humans.

As time passed, we continued to learn more about the machines that were now a part of our reality, and met more survivors. The explosion caused many deaths and destroyed much of society. Survivors are scarce these days but we have created a little rebellion to battle the chaos of our new post-apocalyptic world. We call ourselves the @acolytesofhelio. We will not stop until all of these evil machines are nothing but a pile of wires and bolts.

Here is a fun promo video to let you see how amazing this game is going to be:


That was great! I love it! I don't mind being the pet ;) Got you in the contest!


Apparently adding herbs to your garbage can makes it smell better.
But I don't have thyme for that rubbish.

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HA what a fun little read. I haven't enjoyed a hive post as much in quite awhile.

truly appreciated. It was fun to write as well.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Sweet write up an d funny tags.. Beats my imagination to it..

Thanks. The story just flowed.

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Yay - Acolytes for the win! Hahaha - how awesome is it that we both named our rebellious party the AcolytesOFHelio. Glad I didn't read yours before, otherwise I might have found some other guild for it 😂