It would be more awesome if your comment was related to the topic discussed in the post 😏

Oh lol Sorry xD I literally forgot that, anyways Im a big fan of Psychology even though I am an Engineering Student, (Im gonna graduate this October yey!, Cheers lol)

This is a puzzling kind of behaviour. After all, the great majority of us avoid pain at any cost. Evolution has even equipped us with brain functions and reflexes to do exactly this! All in order to avoid the risks that cuts to the skin may carry, with infection being one of them.

Which reminds me of people from their broken relationships (that is after break-up), they tend to punch something so hard so that they could feel pain and also cuts from their wrists, and then posts them via social media. After that everyone and their closest friends will attempt the person to calm down and being take cared off. I dont know why people do this, but I think they just want to replace its emotional pain and feeling to physical pain. Its like convertion lol.

The effect opioids have on providing pain-relief and pleasure explains the little pain and pleasure resulted from the cuts reported by these individuals.

Reminds me of this Video of why people do drugs, because they want to feel better, I also think that they need more mental/emotional help, not by imprisonment.

Almost like in cases of addiction, the effect of self-harm (the mood uplift prompted by the release of opioids) is short-lived; which, in turn, causes the behaviour to be repeated.

Like I said, based from the video above. - Yes, it is a temporary stress reliever, I also do think that people who does this kind of attempt needs a psychological evaluation, I mean everyone should.

No psychological treatment is a panacea though, and there might be fallbacks.

I so agree with this, my Grandmom has a depression for almost 2 years, she always texts me about suicidal thoughts like "Come home, God is gonna take me tommorow" and "I wish I am dead by now", the reason why she became like this is because her youngest child with Polio died at the age of 51, she took care of our Uncle for 45 years. Even though our Uncle is old, she still is there and managed to take care of him for four decades.

Then we consulted a psychiatrist and the psych told us to let her take some meds like 'ANTI-depressant' , it fixed her suicidal thoughts temporarily, without the meds she need, she will continue to message us about her suicidal thoughts. We cant control it, her suicidal messages are a reminder of her medications are already out of stock.

xD Anyways, sorry for not commenting not related to the post.

Hello there @chuuuckie

It makes me smile when I hear/see people's interest in psychology :)

I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. I also know an elderly lady who lost her soon to physical illness after looking after him for many years. It must be an unbearable pain to endure. Still, one should not give up for the sake of those who are still around. Love, attention and companionship normally help to uplift sadness and despair. But, because your granny's mind is clouded by the negative thoughts caused by her depression it is difficult for her to notice this. It would be wonderful to find ways to make her notice the love you all have for her :)

While medication is greatly helpful in cases like that of your granny's sometimes they are not enough to deliver a long-term solution.

Thank you for your comment & congratulations for becoming an engineer soon!!