What do we select in life for ourself

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When I talk about these things, people think that it is some very tedious activity to do, but rather it's the opposite, it's the simplest thing to do which will bring you great amount of joy. And how do we do that. First of all we need to quiet our mind and slow down to listen to our inner-voice, to understand what it wants. If we are in a state of chaos, it will never happen, we will never be able to hear our inner-voice, we will not get to know what we truly want from life.

Trust me if we become quiet and start reflecting within, we will come to realization that the things we need in life are very simple, they are not those big materialistic things, they are the simple things like peace, joy, love and yet they look the toughest.

Everyday spending a minimum of 10 minutes in meditation and having some ME time will allow us to start listening to our Inner-child and once we listen to it and understand what our deepest desires are we will have a urge to work towards it. Ego is one thing that always keeps coming our way. We do not like to surrender ourself completely because we feel that with that we will give away our power, but rather it's the opposite. When we surrender ourself completely to our own self we will gain more power.


To connect with our inner-child we need to identify our emotional triggers, accept them and confront them. No one is perfect, we have weaknesses and strengths and it's completely ok to accept our weaknesses. Whatever you are appreciate yourself and your beauty, you may have very good looking people around you, but that does not make you any less. Love yourself more and more, say that to yourself. I Love myself(name), keep doing this regularly and you will see how you keep falling in love with your own self over and over again and then you will want to do things that will bring you joy. The problem is majority of us are very hard and critical to our own-self.

If we have one failure in life, we think that we are not worth it, we can develop low self-esteem with that. The more we listen to the voice within the more life gets better for us, because our inner-child is continuously guiding us in the direction that is best for us even if in that moment it does not look that way.

Doing some mirror work is also a way of connecting with the inner child. Standing in front of the mirror, looking at our own self, appreciating our beauty and body is one way of giving a spark to our inner-child. We need to understand that Love and Compassion starts with self and that comes when we are in total acceptance of our self and grateful for whatever we have and wherever we are.

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Also, when we listen to our inner voice, we should always learn to follow our brains by making use of it to strategize instead of following our hearts

True, both of them have to be in sync

Me time is also so important to take right decision :⁠-⁠)

It is important to have a me time for reflections

Greetings @nainaztengra they say that even as adults we all carry a child inside and that is the one we must connect, as you reflect in your content, thanks for sharing it.

Very true :-)

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Hi, thank you for sharing.
Connecting with my inner child and meditation was a whole new concept for me. The past. Two years it's part of, almost,my daily routine. From time to time I do find it challenging, but it is something I want to do, to understand my behavior and thought pattern. "Why do we do, as we do?"

We all have phases in life where we reach to this stage where we want to work on ourselves and nurture our inner-child. It's nice that you also came into that moment and realization to connect with yourself. There are loads of questions and curiosity at this stage

indeed :-) Personally it became one of my last resorts. As the regular "medicine" world, only treats the upper layer or suppresses the symptoms with pills. I am really happy I've got to this point. And start healing the deeper layers within me :-)

Indeed, everything stems from the inside. If we haven't found peace, joy and love in ourselves, we can't expect to find it in others or the world. Extrinsic "ingredients" can help us foster the connection with our innate intelligence but they can't replace the work we need to do.

What's within is will show outside of us as well. That's why it is so rightly said that no one can keep faking forever, at some point of time the real self will show

Most times the only answer or solution to the problem we are facing or might be facing is just for us to listen to that our inner voice, it can do more good than we can ever expect of. The proper of our inner voice

Silence can bring solutions, chaos will take away our ability to think clear