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RE: Psychology Addict # 52 | Mental Illness – A Straight-Forward Discussion about a Non Straight-Forward Topic.

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First, psychology is not stem and should not be tagged as such.
It is not a science either, even if its research employs scientific (statistical) methods.

Second, I liked it when a classic sociopath complained about his "cluster B" "loved one".

Birds of a feather.

Probably his loved one is a borderline companion of a sociopath in a classic pairing.


Good morning @slowgrow

Just in case you are interested in my point of view please take a look at this post I wrote a while back: Is psychology a science? The post does not cover all the angles a discussion like this could/should go into, but it's a good start. Nevertheless, many of those angles were brought up and debated throughout the comment feed. Further, I would like to point out that psychology goes way beyond the field of clinic work and diagnosis. But, I suspect you already know this :)


Take a look at yourself in the mirror and in your videos before you offer any bogus insight into the discussion.

The only sociopath here is you. You spend hours and days finding ways to knock off "pennies" from other Steemians out of spite. You talk crap about others, but afraid to tag them directly. You come here acting like some sort of expert, but have probably never studied sciences in your life.