MY PYPT FAVORITES: 🐬 Curating Like A Boss 🐬

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I have not been very active in the Pimp Your Post Thursday Podcast (PYPT) recently. Just another thing to make me feel guilty. So what to do with that guilt?


Become More Active in Curating Quality Content!   

What better place to find quality content then on The Ramble? This is the oldest manual curation podcast featuring Blog Posts hosted on the STEEM Blockchain! It is currently attended by a number of Curators from a great many of the Tribes on STEEM. One never knows who might drop in!

The Podcast is hosted by @shadowspub, a long time member of the STEEM Community and the Founder of Rambling Radio. She is also a longtime supporter and contributor to a great many initiatives around the blockchain.


PYPT is the place to be on Thursdays. In order to support our international-community, PYPT has two live broadcasts hosted on @vimm. The first is at 11:00 am Eastern Canadian Time (EST) and another at 7:00 pm

Now Sgt-Dan's Top 7 PYPT Picks!


Katrina shares with us her visit to a rescue for wild animals. Those critters that she is visiting with look a bit scary to me!

As one who loves and appreciates of all our Mother Earth's critters, this is my favorite of all the posts presented this past week.

@katrina-ariel also gives us a wonderful bit of advice:

Life is made of moments. Cherish the good ones!


Who can resist the smile of a child? @shuvo35 tells us about the joy he receives working as a Dentist and how smiles can be beneficial to mental health. Believe him, he is a Dentist!

I must say, that while reading this post, I was not in the best of moods. Yet; the smile of this little one made me feel much better! It is true when Shuvo states:

Honestly, seeing some smiles makes the mind feel better.

Thank you Shuvo for brightening my day with this uplifting post!


Five dollars? Is that in folding money?

Earning cryptocurrency for our actions here on the blockchain is what it is all about!

@steemleo is offering this incentive to promote their STEEM interface/website. For me? Heck yeah! After I am done this post, guess what I am going to do?

I have checked out the site and it is really cool. Tickers, widgets, all sorts of bells and whistles! This post by @steem.voter really got me happy!

We are all investors, are we not? Good stuff @leo.voter, roar!


Up on the housetop... click, click, click

@bluefinstudios shows off his latest investment, solar panels by way of a photo-log of the installation! Watch out buddy, don't fall off that roof!

I made this pick as I enjoy seeing others making smart investments in renewable energy resources. Plus I really enjoy his poem that he leaves at the end of his posts.

Always, I strive to give back
To the animals and birds around me
To put more plants in than I take out
And be a good steward for the world around me!

Thank you @bluefinstudios for being a good steward !


Some beautiful digital art can be found here created by our friend @thekittygirl. She shares photos from the travels of @xcountytravelers which she has transformed into beautiful pieces of art!

Each one includes some background on the piece and the location of where the original photo was taken.

@thekittygirl has been creating these barn-themed masterpieces for quite some time.

If you are a Curator of Art, you don't want to miss these beautiful works.


Our good friend @zekepickleman gives a few thoughts to ponder.

Drawing on his own hectic life, his #thoughtfuldailypost (an initiative founded by @wesphilbin of @steemterminal) shares with us what things are important in life.

A very uplifting and inspirational read that I am sure many of us can identify with.


Gaming is really a huge part of STEEM, especially @steemmonsters also known as #splinterlands. Even I play pretty frequently! Anyone that has known @enginewitty for any length of time, knows that he has always been a big fan of SteemMonsters/Splinterlands.

Another game has taken his interest, GODS UNCHAINED, and in this post he gives a very fair, non-partisan comparison of Gods Unchained and Splinterlands.

Why not check out his post and see if you agree with his comparisons?

NOTE:   A full listing of posts presented on PYPT this past week may be found here

Thank you for taking the time to read my post! I wish everyone blessings and groovy vibes!


nice work there @sgt-dan .. made some good choices

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