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"A prudent man... must behave like those archers who, if they are skillful, when the target seems too distant, know the capabilities of their bow and aim a good deal higher than their objective, not in order to shoot so high but so that by aiming high they can reach the target."

-Niccolo Machiavelli


Ah, Niccolo, the man that wanted to teach a Prince how to be a good ruler according to the political needs of Renaissance Italy. This a similar thing to those found in his essay The Prince when he talks about fortune and skills. Something of the balance of knowing how to do things and a bit of how to make your own luck favor you.

I believe this is a direct quote from his essay. :)
Sharp eye for sure. While a person exhibiting pure unaltered Machiavellianism are people I generally try to avoid a touch of it is a necessary evil in order to run certain things smoothly.

I think it is from the part in which he says a Prince needs to have his own arms (like in armed people) and not depend on mercenaries. Well, Niccolo has certainly gained a bad reputation for his thoughts, but he lived in a dire age for Italy. Things needed to be handled with a sword must of the time.

100% agree. The man himself isn't evil although in modern psychology they say the Machiavellianism is part of the "dark triad" of personality traits.

Depending 100% on mercenaries is a terrible idea as sell swords often take orders from the highest bidder.

That's what he said about that.

He wasn't evil. Most of his work is a description of Renaissance society and its core values. But hey, someone has got to get demonized for his work, isn't that the rule? 😂

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Machiavelli had some great advice. Love his point of view.