Qurator's Monday Missions | Pickled Poetry!

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Welcome to Monday Missions

Each Monday we will come up with a new theme and will specify the form of the post. You all have 6 days to come up with something cool to have a chance to win the prizes. Since we are already hosting some other competitions we decided to make this a themed one to really get the creative juices flowing!


This week's mission: Pickled Poetry!

Yep, you read that right! So how about some Poetry about Pickled Cucumbers? For those are not really a fan of writing, we know your poetry lies in your art, so creating some Pickled Cucumber art is perfectly fine, too! !


  • Monday Missions competition is open to all HIVE users
  • Original content only
  • One post per participant
  • Deadline - Saturday 15:00 UTC


  • write a post according to the given topic and form
  • make sure you include title or post: "Monday Missions entry"
  • drop a link to your post in the comment section of this post


There will be a total of 3 winners who will each win a 50% upvote from @qurator

  • Upvotes will be sent to the participating post. In case this post is already past payout, or has been voted by @qurator, we will upvote most recent post/comment with a @qurator upvote.


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@libertycrypto27 - 5 Photos Starting With The Letter Z / 5 Foto Che Iniziano Con La Lettera Z - My Monday Missions Entry (ENG/ITA)

@mairimg0 - Qurator's Monday Missions | ZZZZZ | Mission Almost Impossible

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wow thanks a lot and congrats to @mairimg0 and @kohsamui99
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Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...

does it necessarily should be cucumbers? or smth else will suit too?..

We would like to see cucumbers :)

Thank you @qurator much appreciated and congrats to
@libertycrypto27 and @mairimg0 well done guys 👍