🌄 Sunsetting dGoal: Rabona V2 and 200M RBN contest

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Welcome all dGoal & Rabona players! This post is to say goodbye to dGoal, but worry not! Read on!

A month ago a post was published under the @rabona account, announcing the introduction of the Rabona V2 interface. If you have already saw it, then you might have thought: Hey, that's dGoal interface! If it were so, then you were right—Rabona V2 interface is strongly based on the dGoal interface, but introduces some changes and new features.

When I have joined the Rabona team a few months ago, we knew we would be bringing the two projects together at some point in the future. The time has come, and as we released the Rabona V2 interface (which is almost identical to dGoal), it means I will be sunsetting the dGoal interface in favor of Rabona V2.

❓ What it means for you?

If you have been using the dGoal interface, then you don't have to worry. Just visit the v2.rabona.io website and you'll feel at home. As mentioned, the Rabona V2 interface is basically identical to dGoal, so you will not have to learn anything new. Just log in again and you're good to go.

⌚ When will dGoal be disabled?

In a week time (on 🗓️ December 11, 2021) the dGoal.app website will be disabled. Trying to access it will show an information that dGoal has been replaced by Rabona V2.

In January the information will be disabled, and dGoal.app will simply redirect you to v2.rabona.io instead. The redirection will be left in place for some time longer, to make sure all users have noticed the change and do not feel lost.

💸 100M RBN contest

To celebrate this change I decided to make a little contest with a prize of 200 million RBN to win.

The rules are simple: write in a few paragraphs how would you like to see the future of Rabona game. Let your imagination flow free, imagine the best possible future—describe how do you see future Rabona features, its large user base and its powerful economy bringing many rewards to users.

On December 11 I will pick two best comments and award each author with 100M RBN tokens in Rabona. Good luck!

* * *

That's all folks!

Thank you all for supporting the dGoal project right from the start, thank you for all the comments, sugestions and warm words. Rabona and dGoal wouldn't be where they are without you!

See you all in Rabona V2!


One thing we are all waiting for is the Tournaments. The game is staling in the matter of new features and new use cases for the users so if any development can be done in this direction it would be great.

Adding new buildings will help as well with the economics from the game and one that I am thinking is betting houses to allow users to bet on the outcome of a game between any two teams (that have enough players to compete). This would bring virtual gambling to the game and allow even those that are not players to participate in this ecosystem.

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I like to see more exchange between other projects and Rabona, inside and outside of hive. A lot of sports/football related crypto has been developed during the last cycle (fantoken on Binance for example) that would nicely supplement the game economy. Also dCity would be an interesting partner where a successful footballteam could benefit the city and vice-versa. Cooperation should be the name of the game!

We're still waiting for many promised features eg. tournament, batch scout, batch renew signing… but I understand the limited resources the game has at the moment. I wish to see all those features implemented, and I see big features of Rabona incorporating Metaverse, and 3D Designs, and Good gaming mechanism, thanks for the great work!

1st Dates and Championships: instead of 7 days, do in 30 days.It could have national, continental and club world championships, but as a first change could be continental and world clubs.Five continents. Each continent having a league 16 clubs and 1 cup 64 clubs.The two champions would qualify for the champions league.2 groups of 5, semi final and final.Championship 30 games, cup 12 dates and champions 18 dates. If you could divide into countries it would be better.Example South America.Would have the national championships the cups.It has 10 countries, the Champions League of America would have 20 clubs, 4 groups of 5, semi and finals (18 dates) and more the world.
2nd Public: It would be nice to fix this, because new team does not have crowded stadium.
3rd create shield and shirt
4th see the evolution of buildings.The club that has a team of 100 people be different from one of a thousand, and be able to see the buildings around.
5th Be able to arrange the training the way you want, create training groups, or train individually each.

@behiver, @fragmentarion

Congratulations, I've decide that your comments contain the best ideas for the game and will surely be inspirational for the future of Rabona. Thanks!

@dfacademy, @galdani

I have decided to reward you as well, because I liked the idea you've both described! I will award each of you 50M RBN :)

Thanks all for taking part in the contest and see you on the football pitch! :D

Wao, thank you!