Rabona - we are getting closer to launch - on 25th September, 18:00 UCT we will open for everybody

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I wanted to write earlier about the progress of our Beta testing. The fact that I have not done this does however not mean that we have been lazy or that there is nothing to tell. Indeed, the opposite is true.

While we started with 10 Beta testers, this number has increased by now to about 25 test users, to whom I want to say a big thank you already. You guys have helped us a lot, not only to find bugs but also to give valuable input and ideas for improvements or new functionality.

Based on the feedback we received, we have for example improved the line-up progress to make it clearer which players plays where.


Also, we have almost finished the work on a detailed club page, which can also be used to analyze other clubs.


Besides that there is a list of 100s of changes and improvements that we did together with the Beta testers. Really, you guys have helped a lot to make Rabona a lot better than it was already. Thank you!

So what is left before we launch? Not much I would say. There are still some minor things to be done, but all the critical stuff is out of the way it seems. So if everything works out, we will finish the private Beta next week.

Open Beta

As soon as we finished the private Beta, we will fully reset the game. We will most likely start September 25th, 18:00 UCT. Originally, we wanted to start after the Eclipse HF 24 was successful, but as this keeps on being postponed we have decided to wait no longer. During the open Beta phase, we will optimize the existing functionality, fix bugs and add smaller and medium improvements to the game.

What comes next? Shareholders!

Once we are done with this phase and things are running smoothly, we will publish the first bigger update to the game. We have structured the game in a way that clubs play against each other - not users. This means, that a club can also have more than one owner. We will therefore provide a possibility to divide ownership of a club into small pieces, which can be tokenized. This means that owners of a successful club will be able to sell parts of their club to other users, which will then in turn automatically receive their share of the rewards. We think that this will bring a whole new dynamic to the game...

Ok, but that is it for today - I need to go back to coding, so we can make it in time for

25th September, 18:00 CET.

Best regards,


Tokenizing clubs, divisible ownership... NFTs time, here we come!

Exactly ;-)

Fully upvoted by the @hodlcommunity as we always believe in great entrepreneurs and they it seems likes @rabona will bring value to the entire Hive ecosystem !

I have football ⚽️ fans that are actually going to join Hive through this game !

Cheers 🍻!


This would be wonderful for the whole Hive community!

We have a date and now the anxiety multiplies because it is very close hahahaha ...

Very good to know that things are going well, continue with the great work adjusting the details that I'm sure Rabona will be one of the main games of the Hive blockchain.

I imagine that in the future, who knows in the medium term, maybe each player will have his own illustrated card. It would be really cool and give the game more life.

The update of the shareholders will be a great attraction so that more players can come both from Hive and outside it.

The whole optical side of the game will improve massively going forward. We have concentrated on the basic design and the numbers so far, the graphical layout will follow later.

each publication makes me feel more interested in playing rabona

4 more days ;-)

when will they start posting directly from the user @rabona?

Awesome development here. Looking forward to Sept 25.

Believe me - me too!

Everyone will be able to strat to play Rabona at 25th September? or only some people?

I love manager games and I am very interested in Rabona

It will be open to everyone from September 25th onwards - you're welcome to check it out

What do you think if we create a Rabona community?

I think we can have an specificy place where the users can have a place to talk about the game.

If you need some help I am here to help as I can

Exciting stuff. Can't wait for the launch and see how it all kicks off. Best of luck with the game and i'll be hopping straight in.

Thank you - four more days ;-)

Waiting Impatiently :)

Also free to play possible?

No, mainly due to the fact that we want to avoid bot farms.

But with the starterpack you can then play for free

Too bad, new player cant even explore the website without a starter pack.

True, I just visited the website to see how it works and how it looks like (it's really important nowadays). But got a login page immediately so I just left for the first time. I decided to give it a second try, so I logged in with keychain and still don't know how it works and how it looks because it forces me to buy a starter pack without any information about the game.