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Hi radanians, princess, warriors, gamers and other disreputable dudes!


We haven't talked about the state of game development for a long time. I know very well that you feel like it! Wow, things have not been as beautiful as I would have liked. But this is something that a developer has to learn to live with.

Finally, we leave behind these lovely dates, full of family parties that make us waste so much time... Precious time to devore lines of code instead of Christmas sweets. Fun, fun, fun, happy new year!

I have spent the last 3 months (Christmas included but with poor performance) fighting the client/server system of the game. It is really a headache! Basically, how does it work?

The game is played on the server leaving for the client the representation of the game screens, the request for orders and the display of results. All game operations, all mechanics, occur on the server. And the server must serve all players who log in concurrently. And this is complicated. But I think I am getting a good code structure to untie the skein of connections and provide clean paths.

But I have not only created alchemy with sockets. I have also been working on the production of the buildings. Now, the farm, the sawmill and the quarry produce materials until they reach their maximum capacity, which we can increase by improving the level of these buildings. Throughout these days I will update the test version that are available to beta testers to play with these improvements.


When we have the necessary resources to go up the building one level, an arrow will appear at the top of its icon to indicate that option.


By clicking on the building, we will enter its management window and we can give the order to improve.


The higher the level of the building, the more it produces and the greater its capacity, taking a lot of time to fill the warehouse. But that should not worry us. Our serfs work even if we are not connected. We can log out with the peace of mind that when we return to play the productions have not stopped (unless the warehouse is full; time to level-up!)

Enroll as beta tester

I take this opportunity to remember you what you can do to be a beta tester of the game. At the moment this option is only available to the FOUNDING members, which are those that have more than 1000 TARUK in stake. This is a good time to become a FOUNDING member. Advantage:

  • The steem is cheap to invest.
  • Buying TARUK packs on the official website you will get game keys on Steam as a gift.
  • When the game is released you will receive gifts (card packs and other game items).
  • You will earned beneficts as shareholder from game incomes.
  • The FOUNDING members receive free illustrations of the cards in ultra-high definition. Look at a detail of one of them:


Do you realize that the zoom is only at 33%?

  • And more things that I have left untold or that are yet to come.


Strengthening Rada Quest account

In another order of things, I have also continued to work on strengthening the @radaquest account. All the income obtained is distributed among the shareholders (owners of TARUK in stake) and I am dedicating all my part in increasing steem power. As I said on other occasions, I have decided to reach the figure of 100,000 SP as the next objective. I'm also dedicating to it every steem that I can buy from Binance with small contributions from my pocket. I am very far, but less every day.




Invest in Rada Quest buying TARUK token

See info: http://gt.3dkrender.com/investinrada


Rada Quest
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Written by @marcosdk
All the pics by @marcosdk


Here we are accompanying this beautiful project @radaquest resteem y votado. @marcosdk

Que bien amigos seguimos avanzando, saludos


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