Ragnarok Art Reveal: Vanir

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Today we wanted to surprise everyone with the NFT art reveal!

This is the border and set up for Vanir, the titans of Norse mythology. This is an example of a "hero" card, not a spell card. Spell card reveals will be soon. This is not a real Ragnraok card, the character art is real but remains unnamed to avoid any spoiler alerts and was randomly picked, and so were the abilities. But we wanted to showcase how NFT will look and feel.


Top left: Health

  • Bottom left: Abilities, Gods can have up to 4 abilities.
  • Bottom center: Class type (chess archetype)
  • Bottom Right: Class-specific abilities, max 2 per god.
  • Color of eyes, chess piece background: Element type: Red = Fire / Blue = Water / Green = Earth / Yellow = Wind
  • Background: 3 types, Gold, Silver, Bronze. Gold grants more exp coins per win than Silver. Silver grants more exp coins per win than Bronze.
  • Border type: Vanir ( having 8 Vanir in one deck grants boosted attributes for all Vanir gods)

Vanir, a misunderstood race of primordial beings. The very first being ever was a Vanir, Ymir. Even the great Buri, the first Aesir, was born from the salt of the sweat from Ymir. So it is only fitting to reveal Vanir's border first.

Happy New Year Hivers, and look out for the Aesir art reveal next!


Wow! I am speechless! Never expect this level of art work for an "NFT based deck builder strategy game!"

@bensworld das wird crazy hahah

sweet!!!!! thanks!

I love the art. This whole project just seems top notch. I can't wait to be a part of it.


I feel the ground shaking! If you come by, and you hear the Ragnarockin, dont be knockin!

Solid work, looks like the card can hold different weapons, I like that.

🤩 this art is so cool. This was not what I expected

Isn't he resembles the Brock Lesner from WWE with his latest avatar? I am so excited to get those and start using them. Just can't wait to get the info on how the game works!!!

Kudos to the team of @ragnarok.game, @theycallmedan and others involved in bringing this to Hive!!!

Wishing you all advance Happy New Year 2022!!!!!

well done! Only thing that I feel could be a bit improved is the lighting on the character. IMO a bit too dark

This looks so awesome. I heard the art will be good, but this is really epic. Congrats to the artist. I hope my stash of Hive will be enough to participate in this game :)

Looks epic and tons of info on this card. Goes to show the complexity of what this game is going to have!

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Deadly and sturdy....going to be fierce..

Card is dope.

i love that gold background... very realistic! Well done on the design and artistic quality.

The graphic looks epic!! 😍

I really like the bone frame. Very nice touch.

Love where this is going.

I can feel it! 😃

Nice creativity and art work is lovely.... Happy new year In advance

This art looks lit 🔥 can’t wait to see it!

amazing project, I am looking forward to this!

Very cool, I can’t wait to see game mechanics and match time.


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What did the tie say to the hat?
I'll hang around here while you go on ahead.

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Wow this looks amazing. I can't wait to own one of those cards :)

Love the design, looks awesome :)

@tipu curate

The artwork looks amazing. Who is your artist?

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Very cool design for this card. Can't wait to play it 😀

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Bone frame looks like something from old school Diablo, pretty cool!

Can't wait for it!

looks good, can't wait!

awsome nft art!!

Now this is what I call suspense! Can’t wait on more progress report.

i want play

How great, you have gained one more follower ! this project looks very interesting !

Wow, that's so much more than I expected! Amazing art!

is it possible to apply as a designer? I would like to be able to contribute. Very interesting project.

the artwork is just insane!! love it

Excited to see more about this game!

The quality. Why does it feel like I can touch the gold?!! I love it! This will be a another great hive game!!!

To say the truth, I never new we had such a talent here on hive, the game character's description given, suits his personality very and not quite well. Good job 👍 and keep it up.

I'm waiting for AMA, I think there will be fewer questions about the game after it.