Depression is exhausting. Takes an epic effort to even go brush my teeth. Accomplishing anything when in that thrall is a win. 🌹

Good on you for being proud of all you were able to get done. 💕 Wasn't up to what you wanted for your standard but through these last 6 months, you did A LOT. That's deserving more than a wheelbarrow full of pride. 😁

For me, it's a cross of days or weeks or more of slogging through to get done what needs to be done and wondering why the hell do I bother. Telling myself during those times when my head comes up for air that it'll pass eventually while being terrified deep down that it won't. I've tracked myself since my 20's and know that there are certain times each year that this happens. Makes me anxious when the dates come but because I wrote them down, I can focus on the fact that it passed. It sorta works for me but maybe I'm just a weirdo.

😂 I've even considered making one of those 'advent calendars' for myself. So that I can pop open the little square and have something good about that day (since I'll forget what I put in there).

If possible, I'm hoping you don't feel too overwhelmed with everything. The 'unfucking' method of a few minutes a day or what is comfortable for you is pretty damn helpful (I find anyway). 😁

Here for you with many HUGS and much love! 💜

I think between the covid shot and life........while depression played a huge part, and always will in my life, this went beyond anything I have ever dealt with. I am very good at keeping track of my body and how I am feeling due to health issues my whole life and no one ever believing that my body doesn't work the same as others.

This was more like..........being underwater and seeing life through the wobbly water........and waking up and all the water was gone.

It made me trust in myself again when I KNOW something isn't right with myself but others just see what I look like on the outside and think I am being dramatic.


"It made me trust in myself again when I KNOW something isn't right with myself but others just see what I look like on the outside and think I am being dramatic."

💜 for trusting yourself again. Nobody should assume they know what another person is going through since they aren't living that person's life.

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I plan to stop by and have a watch. I was glad to see this pop up. I had just thought that I hadn't seen you around and was concerned. Take care.

take your time. It will be here.


Eventually, I came back. I am so glad that you're feeling better. That sense of drowning is not good and one doesn't realise how bad until one gets out of it. Things are rough here and sometimes the days just run one into each other and I function like an automaton. Anyhow, I do know that, eventually, it will pass. Everyone should watch this and know it's possible.