The Awesomely Random Book List - Something For Everyone

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Every year I read or listen to about 100 books, mostly on Audible. I like a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books, self-help and business books.

I read a lot, and I'd like to share a random list of books that I'd strongly recommend if they peak your interest.

The Book Most People Should Read
Title: Never Split The Difference
By: Chris Voss
Reason: This book is great for sales people, but everyone I know that has read this book has learned how to negotiate better with relationships at home, and when they are buying a car or trying to get the monthly cell phone bill down. This book is a huge eye opener written by a former international hostage negotiator for the FBI. This book can help anyone, because almost everything comes down to negotiations.

The Best Other-Worldly Book (Series)
Title: Unsouled
By: Will Wight
Reason: Unsouled is the first book in the Cradle Series, and is easily one of my top three book series of all time. If not the first for me. Unsouled follows the story of a boy named Lindon who lives in Sacred Valley where everyone's worth is measured by their ability to harness the world's energy to become mentally and physically strong fighters. Lindon finds out he doesn't have an affinity for world's energy and is deemed... unsouled. He is the weakest, the least, but somehow he finds a way. This series just released the 9th book, Bloodline, and it is simply amazing. I strongly recommend reading Unsouled and diving into this amazing world. Everyone I've recommended this that has listened or read it, has done so multiple times. I've actually listened to this series completely through 9 times. Just amazing.
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The Book History Fans Should Plunder
Title: The Republic of Pirates
By: Colin Woodard
Reason: Besides what I watched in movies like Goonies, I didn't know too much about pirates. Even living in South Carolina I learned about specific pirates that are said to visit Charleston, but I admittedly didn't know much. This book is one of the free downloads on Audible and it is awesome. It takes true accounts, court records and journals from the seamen of the time to create a vivid picture of the golden years of pirating and how it all ended. I was fascinated to learn how they we able to attack ships and hide in the Bahamas. Also interesting to find they were not as stupid as the movies made them. The pirate roots spread far and wide, so you learn a lot about how many countries were involved and harmed by pirates.

The Book You Should Read To Take Control Of Your Money
Title: The Total Money Makeover
By: Dave Ramsey
Reason: This book should be read by every high school senior. If you can learn to take control of your money instead if it controlling you, then you've found a path to freedom. This isn't about how to make a million, but how to save a million. The concepts can literally apply to anyone, and the less money you have the more of a reason to have complete control over it. Although I'm not disciplined as I'd like to be sometimes, but this book taught me how to really start thinking of savings and what is important to buy and what isn't. My wife and I listened to this one together and it has helped us stay on the same page when it coms to finances. Great book, and recommend to anyone that wants to be smart with their money.

Random Raunchy Awesome LITRPG Must Read
Title: The Mayor Of Noobtown
By: Ryan Rimmel
Reason: This book had me laughing out loud a few times. It is pretty freaking funny if you like stupid game humor and fart jokes... there are a lot of those. The main character dies and is trust into a new world where he has a demon minion named Shart. A LITRPG is a story of progression based on video game like mechanics. Pretty interesting and this book was a lot of fun. I like to try random different things, and this was about as random as I went. I'm glad I did, this series is freaking funny and just good mindless entertainment.

So there are a few books I would recommend.

What are some of your random picks? Let me know in the comments. I'm always looking for good book recommendations.