Banners of Paper Caps

in #recipes4 years ago

Great creative idea, that will give an elegant touch to your celebrations.

Banners_of_Paper Caps.jpg


  • Metallic beakers (ideal size between # 1 to # 4)
  • 1 roll of hemp yarn
  • hot silicon


  • Fold the cups in half. Leave the metallic side inside and the outside color

  • Embrace the thread with the caps

  • Stick with a thin silicone line
  • Leave a gap of 1cm between each layer
  • When finishing a stage of decoration, leave the ends with 30 cm of free thread, so that you can hold it wherever you want.


  • Hemp yarn is recommended to use white and thin

  • Let the color of the caps combine with the color palette of your party

  • Beware of hot silicon!

Enjoy compliments for the decoration of your party